Wednesday night is Knitting night

Wednesday night/Knitting night started long before I got involved in it.  It It started out as a couple of lady friends (I am unsure of the exact number of ladies), getting together at a local McDonalds and knitting for a couple of hours each week.

Later, the Keizer Community library wanted to be open in the evenings.  One of the ladies who was very involved in her local community and the library, combined volunteering at the library and knitting night.  They have been meeting at the community library ever since.

A couple of years ago I learned to knit and was invited to come to these Wednesday nights.  It is nice to be able to go somewhere that there are no distractions other than the conversations of the other ladies.  Don’t imagine that we are a group of old ladies calmly knitting away tissue box covers (my son imagined this once, he has since been corrected of that ridiculous idea).  The ladies are a wide age range, from diverse backgrounds, with differing political views and hair colors.  we have been known to celebrate each others’ birthdays with cake, pie, gifts and wine (after the library is closed, of course).  One holiday (I can’t remember which one)  we didn’t knit at all.  We spent the evening playing Cards Against Humanity.  We also don’t always just knit – any project is welcome and sometimes ladies don’t work on a project at all.  They look at books (it is in a library after all), magazines, or just talk.  We have been known to bring our children, grandchildren and once I snuck in my chihuahua puppy.

Now that I have introduced you to the idea of the Knitting night, let me tell you about tonight:

4 of us had arrived by a little after 6 pm.  Myself, Wilma (MIL), friend Barb. and friend Daisy (I think she is the ring leader or at least a ‘charter’ member).  At 6:30 pm the library volunteers got up, packed up their things and left.  We thought this was odd.  The library stays open until 7 pm.  We stay and knit after close until 8-8:30 pm.  We talked about how odd it was, shrugged our shoulders and continued to work on our projects. Not 10 minutes later a tall, handsome policeman came in and said, “Hello ladies”.  After some discussion as to whether or not we were actually ladies, he stated that we “must not have been told”.  Apparently the plan for tonight was that the police were going to use the community center for search training.  The community library is in the basement of the community center.  We had to relocate.

Daisy suggested McDonalds.  We 4 gathered up our projects, texted the stragglers and headed out.  It was important that the stragglers be able to find us because we were celebrating friend Nancy’s birthday tonight.  (Friend Nancy was also my boss when I was 20 years old) Friend Nancy, Friend DeAnna and DeAnna’s youngest, J5, caught up with us shortly after our relocation.  The lobby was packed!  It just happened to be a fundraiser night for a local elementary school. Nancy showed up with chocolate doughnuts from E.Z. Orchards.  Wilma had made her scrumptious apple pie.  We didn’t get in trouble for our contraband foods. Wilma and I stayed a little longer tonight, all the way until 8:30 pm!