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Friend Kathy, Grandma Rachel and Dr. Seuss

Thursdays almost always start out at Sybil’s Omelets.  I am not sure how many years ago that the Thursday breakfast morning group started.  I know that it didn’t start at Sybil’s.  It started as a group of lady friends from work.  Over the years people and come and gone.  Sometimes due to retirement, sometimes due to change of job and sometimes due to shuffling off this mortal coil.  My mother was the person that introduced me to the breakfast group and to my job where all these wonderful ladies worked.  My mother has since left this group.  In fact, the only original member of the group is Kathy and her wonderful husband Don.  To this group I have brought: my Partner, his Parents, and sometimes my adopted Brother, my Son and his family. Each Thursday morning we meet up there to eat breakfast, visit each other and visit with the staff.  Years ago my brother used to work there and the restaurant staff seems like family too.  When Kathy is there, I check in with her to see if we are going to be meeting up after work for our sewing night.  On this Thursday Kathy and Don were not there.  I checked in with her later in the day, by phone.  They had house guests today.  No sewing tonight.

Later the same day…

The plan today was to leave work early to be able to make it to Quilt Club at Grandma’s Attic in Dallas, OR.  Usually Quilt Club is held on the first full weekend of the month (full weekend includes Thursday, Friday and Saturday).  Since I knew that I won’t be available this coming Saturday, I wanted to go on Thursday afternoon.  I had mentioned this to friend Barb yesterday and she said she would like to go with me.  She suggested that I drive to her house and we could ride together (it is about 20 miles West of where we live).  It is always nice to go somewhere with a friend.  Grandma’s Attic Sewing Emporium is run and owed by Rachel Grecco.  I don’t believe that I have ever been to a more welcoming quilting/fabric store in my whole life.  The first time that I ever entered her store (years ago), I just stopped, looked around, breathed deep and KNEW that I was in the right place.  Each year, September to August, Rachel hosts her Quilt Clubs.  It is my understanding that she is a historian, by training.  Each year the Quilt Club has a different theme and new quilt blocks.  There are 3 or more colorways to choose from.  Each month we learn about something/someone new and get a new quilt block, and embroidery pattern.  There are also the “Kyle file” jokes, show & tell, mystery quilt patterns and all the new fabric and other products.  This year the theme is “Wild Roses: Extraordinary American Women”.  Barb and I have both chosen the 1930’s colorway.  Another wonderful thing that sometimes happens at Grandma’s Attic is that Amber (the store manager) brings the new puppies in for socializing.  It is super good for the puppies and for most of the ladies too.  Especially for Barb and me!!!  The puppy this time was a ‘Chorkie’ (Yorkshire terrier/Chihuahua cross).  Immediately upon handing her to Barb, the puppy started wagging her tail and kissing Barb.  The puppy liked me well enough, but she REALLY liked Barb.  Barb was saved, however, because the puppy already had a forever home. 😀

March 2nd was Dr. Seuss’s birthday  (also my cousin Dominic’s and my friend Lin’s birthdays).  To celebrate (life should be a series of celebrations, large and small), I wanted to give each of my grandson’s a new Dr. Seuss book.  I had seen that Target had the books and movies on sale.  Also, there were “big boy” books AND “little boy” books.  I went to Target, on a mission, to purchase each of them an appropriate book for their age group.  I had fun choosing them each their own books.  I was almost tricked into buying them a Dr. Seuss movie instead, but I really want them to have a love of books that I have always had.  As I was choosing my books, two teenaged girls were walking by talking to each other.  The first one said “I have always loved Dr. Seuss, I wished I had all of his books”.  The second one said, “Isn’t it supposed to be Dr. Seuss day some time soon?”  I said, “Today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday”.  They both smiled and headed directly to the bookstand to choose a book (or maybe two).  When I left the store, I called my son and asked if he was home.  He said he wasn’t.  I asked if his wife was home.  He said she wasn’t.  I asked if they were in town.  He said they were.  I asked where they were.  He told me that they were out to dinner.  In fact, they were in a restaurant that was in the same complex that the Target store was in.  I headed there and gave each grandson a book (after writing an inscription in the front).

It was a wonderful day!