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Definately a Monday

Snow on the way to work 06 Mar 2017

I woke before my alarm and listened for the inevitable rain. It is Oregon in March, you know. Hmmm… no rain, now that IS odd. I crack open an eyeball and peer out of the top of the bedroom window that shows the sky and a partial view of the roof. I sat straight up with both eyes wide open. Thrusting my head forward and squinting my eyes to determine if what I thought I saw was what I really saw… yup, snow. Measurable amounts of snow, about 1.5″ right there on the roof. I LEAPED from the bed to look out the windows with the view of the road below our house. (this leaping drew the surprised question from partner, “What’s wrong?” – My response being, “SNOW!”) The snow was sticking to the ground! AURGH! I don’t want to drive the Miata in the snow! Lucky for me, partner and I both work downtown now. He called in to check that his office was still open for the day and he offered to take me to work too.

Thankfully all the snow was gone by the end of the day. Didn’t mean that it was any warmer, but the good’ol Oregon rain had defeated the snow. At least here on our little piece of the PNW valley floor.

(guess who forgot to wear any gloves today)