Turkey necks

Not mine! If I have one, we aren’t going to talk about it. I will wear taller turtle neck top and pretend that it doesn’t exist. No, these turkey necks are on the newest “peep-peeps” at the house of my grandsons. Let’s back to up a few days ago…

Partner having coffee with me

On this past Sunday the plan was to go to breakfast, to the transfer station (do drop off Son’s yard debris) and then swing by Wilco for dog food on the way home.  I asked Partner where he wanted to go and he asked me the same question.  He suggested ‘The Kitchen’ or ‘Tap Root’.  I said that those were my two choices in reverse order.  Both of them are downtown, so we grabbed our coats and headed out.

As we were close to the ‘Book Bin’ on Court street, I figured we were headed for ‘The Kitchen’.  When there were no parking spots to be had, I suggested that we drive around the block and if there is a parking spot near Tap Root, we could eat there.  There were parking spots.  Both places are wonderful breakfast places.  Today if just came down to the availability of parking.  We were lucky that we got there when we did, it filled up fast!  Breakfast was wonderful, as usual.  With our own personal tanks full, we headed for the transfer station (Did I mention that it was really cold?  Well, it was!)  and then on to Wilco.

OK, this is the part where we are getting to the point of all this.  Partner had headed to the necessary and I was waiting for him to come back.  While I was waiting, I was looking at all the different types of chicks that they have in the store right now.  They are sooooo cute!  The last bin that I looked in had these little yellow chicks with no feathers on their teeny-tiny necks.  They had feathers on top of their little-bitty heads.

Awwwww… this is a really cute picture of the little guys

Yesterday, I saw on Facebook, that the newest “peep-peeps” at my grandsons’ house have little turkey necks.  ♥