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Ice vs. my poor left arm

fountain ice

On 24 Jan 2017, Partner and I went to a coffee morning meet-up with the RWB group.  We were a little bit early and the fountain out front was partially frozen in a beautiful way.  I JUST wanted a picture of the neat-looking ice formations.  I was so entranced with the ice that I neglected to notice the, also frozen, puddle directly in front of the fountain. Wearing my new American Duchess Carriage boots (more on my American Duchess shoes later), I hurried over to get “the shot” and ended up landing on my butt.  Partner said it wasn’t my most graceful moment.  I was inclined to agree.

The way that I fell was against the fountain.  I actually landed on my rib cage on the lip of the fountain and wrenched my left arm upwards on the lip of the fountain.  As I fell… I flung my plaid, cloth backpack into the air (ok, it was probably hilarious to watch.  I am trying not to chuckle as I recall the event) and it landed IN the fountain.  Thankfully the fountain was the kind that had rocks in the bottom and the water went through the rocks to the pump below.  There wasn’t a ‘pond’ in the fountain to soak my cloth backpack and all my belongings.  Another thing that I was thankful for was for my ‘hardware’.  Most days I wear a corset.  Underwear is a personal choice for each wearer and this is mine.  Very happy I was wearing one this morning,  it saved my ribs from being much more hurt than they were.  Sadly, it didn’t do anything for my arm.

Fast forward to now…  the ribs were bruised but now there is no pain or any other residual effects.  My poor left arm and shoulder are a different story.  They hurt, to some degree, pretty much all  the time.  The pain is not unbearable, but can be an intense reminder to use the arm carefully or that my range of motion has become less than I am used to.  I finally broke down and went to see the doctor.  She wrote an order for a MRI and hopefully soon we will have a plan of action to make the arm better.