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Monday Run Day

It is actually a 3 mile run or a 2 mile walk.  It is a weekly event that is put on by Gallagher’s Fitness Resources.  Partner has been going to this event regularly for quite some time.  Lately, he has been encouraging me to go along for the walking part.  It isn’t a long walk and it is nice to get up and get moving, when the weather is accommodating.

(What kind of weather do I find unaccommodating?  COLD!  Cold weather steals the heat from my bones.  I find it painful to be out in weather that is cold.  Can I make adjustments for the cold? Yep, sure can, as long as it isn’t also raining and/or windy.  That pushes it right over the edge for me.)

For the last two weeks it was too cold for me.  One of the ladies was telling me about avoiding the ice patches while doing the walk.  No thank you.  Last night the weather was fairly decent.  It was warm (comparatively speaking) and hardly raining at all.  More of a sprinkle actually.

The event starts at 6:15pm.  It is good to arrive at 6pm to sign in.  Gallagher’s will have a Rep. there to showcase their products.  From what I have personally witnessed, the Rep’s will have products that you are able to wear and try out during the run/walk.  A test drive, if you will.  Last night they were showcasing the ASICS shoes.  After the run/walk, the group will meet up at a local eating establishment.  The eatery changes each week.  Gallagher’s is really good at and they make a point of supporting other local businesses.  This week it was VENTI’s.  I highly recommend trying them, if you haven’t already.

After John Gallagher arrived we asked him why VENTI’s uses the rooster as their mascot/symbol.  John told us it was because “they crossed the road”.  Apparently they used to be in a VERY SMALL location before they moved across the street.  Pretty clever!