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Naptime Surprise!

Victory Red by Besame


It was the end of the day and I couldn’t keep my eyes open for one more moment.  Lucky for me, I still had my final break left.  I decided to put my head down for a few minutes and set my alarm on my phone.

10 minutes later the alarm woke me up.  It was time to get ready to leave work (vitally important to clock out on time.  we are NOT allowed overtime without pre-approval).

Every day on my way out of the building and across the parking lot to the car, I smile at people and greet them.  Yesterday it was cold and there weren’t many people out  (I also leave 1/2 hour earlier than the standard 5pm).   There was one group of men that I said “Hi” to.  They looked at me and the group stopped talking.  I really didn’t think much about it.

Until… I got to the car and looked in the mirror.  Apparently while I slept, I also touched my lipstick and managed to rub it all around my lower facial area.  It was on my cheek, my chin and even my nose.  I started laughing as I was wiping it off on my handkerchief.

Who knew that wearing bright red lipstick could be so hazardous?