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Yard Surprises

This is our first spring in our new (to us) house.  We have no idea what is in the yard.  Now that the snow is no longer with us (Thank you!), things are starting to pop up and bloom all over the yard.  It is exciting.

English Violets – the smell pretty kind

In the front yard we have (so far): daffodils, snow drops, English violets, and whatever these things (above) are going to prove to be.  I am probably most excited about the silly English violets.  We had violets at our last house, but they had absolutely NO FRAGRANCE.  Flowers without fragrance is a sadness to me.  I don’t always like the way some flowers smell, those are the ones that I don’t plant in my yard.  But, if I do plant flowers in my yard, I do want them to have fragrance.  Flowers without fragrance are like ice cream without flavor.  Especially roses and peones.

My son’s favorite flower is the daffodil.  We already have many different types.  I think that my favorite ones are the tiny ones.  As you can see, the English violets are interspersed in amongst all the other flowers.

I was super pleased to see the snowdrops.  Snowdrops are the flower for January, which is usually the month that they bloom in.  Josephine, my angel in Heaven, was born in January and snowdrops are her flower.  I will have to wait until May to see if there are any Lily of the Valley tucked away anywhere in the yard (my son’s flower).  Some surprises aren’t even flowers.  About two weeks ago, between snow falls, I was cutting back last year’s growth on the ferns.  I can see the new growth all furled, just waiting to spring forth.  While I was cutting these back I thought I saw a slug.  I wiggled my finger in under it (wearing gardening gloves, of course) to pop it out and throw it in the yard debris bucket.  When it popped out, I made BIG EYES!  It wasn’t a slug at all.  It was a salamander.  I usually see these closer to areas with lots of water.  My yard isn’t that wet.  In fact, we are on a hill.  Kind of Mid-hill really.  The hill goes up from us on the front side of the house and it goes down from us on the back side of the house.  there doesn’t seem to be a drainage problem in this yard.  But, there the little guy was.  As I went along, I came across 2 more for a total of 3!  I was delighted and surprised.  When I found the first one, I showed it to Pixie and then I put it in a fern that I had already trimmed.  I wanted to make sure that I didn’t injure the little guy with all my flailing about.  When I was all done with the yard, I gathered them all back up and put them back in the fern where I found them.  It makes me happy to know that they are there.  I didn’t even think to get a picture of them.