Sunday night is PIZZA NIGHT!!!

Pizza night

In case you haven’t noticed, we have set things we do, on set days of the week.  Monday run(/walk) day, knitting night, sewing night, RWB Friday morning run, Saturday morning runs, when warmer weather gets here there will be “On Your Feet Fridays” downtown, the list goes on.Sometime last month, Partner said we should start making pizza again, one day a week, and have the family come over for dinner. We used to do this when we lived at the last house, but it was a while ago and the kids have busy lives too, so we had gotten out of the practice.  I also thought it  it would be nice, made some phone calls and it was agreed.  Sunday night was the chosen night.

Partner used to manage at a popular pizza chain.  So he has the mad pizza making skills.  I have the sourdough starter, so it is my job to make the bread dough. Kneading it good to make sure the gluten is good and stretchy for Partner to throw the dough into pies.  One batch of dough makes two large pies and one small pie.  The sourdough makes a yummy crust!


The first time that Kids and Grandkids came over we had made the standard pizza (red sauce, cheese and pepperoni), Canadian bacon and pineapple (using red sauce), and a pizza with Canadian bacon, pineapple and pesto sauce.  The last one was the biggest hit!  That has been a staple ever since!