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Grandma’s Attic Monthly Quilt club – WILD ROSES

I am introducing these blocks to you, Dear Reader, pretty late in the game.  This ‘session’ is already 1/2 way over. Each Quilt club starts in September, probably to correspond with the beginning of the school year.  I know, in the past, there have been home schooled students that participate.  The Quilt club is hosted by Grandma’s Attic Quilt Emporium in Dallas, Oregon. Rachel Greco is the owner/proprietor and she is a trained historian.  She brings all that and more to her quilt clubs.  This year her program is called “Wild Roses”, “stories of extraordinary American Women”.  Each month, for the low cost of $10, we get: the pattern and the fabric to make our quilt block, a booklet with the stories of that month’s featured ladies, an embroidery pattern (this year it is roses), this year we are also getting the rest of the patterns for the Ruby McKim Flower Basket applique quilt that we started getting last session, and the next part of the pattern for the mystery quilt.  That is A LOT for only $10!!

This session, I chose the color-way of 1930’s.  It is super cheerful and makes me think of my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother. Last month I caught up on all the pieced blocks from the beginning of the session.  I had gotten behind because of the selling of the house, the buying of the new house and the moving.  I plan on doing the rose embroidery, it just isn’t in the workbasket at this time.  Maybe someday I will have the time to work on the mystery quilt too.  I am IN LOVE with the Ruby McKim quilt blocks.  I have been working on them since last year’s session.  The problem is that I am trying to do so many things that I haven’t gotten very far.  This post will be about the pieced blocks up to this month.  In another post I will talk about the Ruby McKim blocks.

So, let’s get started:

BOM #1 – Sep.2017 – Ribbon Block
BOM #2 – Oct.2017 – Garden Path
BOM #3 – Nov.2017 – Squash Blossom
BOM #4 – Dec.2017 – Amish Star
BOM #5 – Jan.2017 – Spinning Arrows
BOM #6 – Feb.2017 – Broken Window

Now we are up to  the March block.  I realized that I hadn’t even started it and the next Quilt club weekend is soon approaching.  So, last night I had some free time.  Let me share the steps with you…

20170328_181301following the pattern I cut each of the fabrics into the called for sizes. Then pair the squares as required to make the block pattern.  On the lighter of the two fabrics in each pairing, draw a line from corner to corner (kitty-corner) across the block. (in the photo is the pile of blocks with the lines already drawn).  20170328_182032position the presser foot of the machine next to the drawn line and sew a seam diagonally on the pair of blocks.  I sew the blocks in a long chain.

the blocks sewn in a chain disappearing behind the machine

Then I turn the whole chain around and sew along the other side of the drawn line.  After sewing the seam on both sides of the drawn line, on each pair of blocks, I cut the chain apart.

the chain of blocks now reversed to sew the other side of the drawn line

Using the rotary cutter and ruler I then cut on the drawn line. When the resulting triangles are opened up, they make half-square triangles.  I press them open and then square them up to the final measurement of 2-1/2″ blocks.





This was as far as I got on this block before I decided that the day had gotten the best of me.  I wanted to enjoy the process, but was too tired to do so last night.

BOM #7 – Mar.2017 – Indian Puzzle

I will update you in the near future.  😀