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Workbasket Wednesday

my workbasket

You, Dear Readers, already know that Wednesday night is knitting night.  I have decided to make Wednesday also the day that I post what is in my workbasket.  Projects that are currently in process.  This is not an extensive list of UFO (Unfinished Objects), this is just the projects that are currently being worked on here and there.  Because it is a ‘here and there’ type of thing with me, they aren’t actually IN my workbasket.  Some projects are highly portable and get ported around with me to work on a minute here or a minute there.  Some projects must be worked on with the aide of magnification (ahhhh… the joys of getting older).  Some projects are saved for the brain dead part of my day when I have no more brain power to think about complicated patterns.  OK then, Let’s dive in!

I have two projects that I have been working on at work.  Breaks and lunch are the perfect time to snatch a moment to add to the final product.  The first project is a beautiful (if I do say so myself) Cardigan with cables.  It is made from Forest Green Heather Wool-Ease yarn of the Lion Brand.  I am making it for the son of a co-worker and friend.  The pattern was picked out by my friend for her son. He was sad that I had made a

second cardigan sleeve

sweater and bonnet set for his baby sister (baby shower gift) and had not made anything for him.  This will be a late birthday gift for him this year.  Almost finished with it too.  The main body and the first sleeve are both at home, waiting to be seamed together.  The second sleeve is at work, under my desk awaiting the arrival of another ball of the yarn.  I thought that I had purchased enough, by weight, to finish the sweater and came up a little bit short.


lavender baby blanket

The second project that I have ‘on needles’ at work, is a baby blanket for a different co-worker who is expecting her first baby later this year.  The gender of this baby is currently unknown.  It is a simple pattern of a single stitch increase each row until 30″ and then a single stich decrease until finished.  For me, a mindless knitting project that I can do while listening to an Audible book.  It is made of a Bernat baby sport yarn #3, 100% Acrylic.  Completely washable!  I want the things that I make to get used, not stored away in a closet or chest.  The colors are lavender and white.  I don’t know if I will be trimming it with dark purple or white or both.

At home I have another baby blanket for another co-worker/friend.  Actually, it will be for her daughter.  Jeannie will be getting her first grandchild this year and it will be a girl.  This is the project that I pack around with me from place to place.  I like the color palette, it makes me smile.  Same type of yarn as the other baby blanket, just a different color.

Also at home, I have another baby blanket for Baby M, a boy!  Since I work closely with his momma, she kinda picked out the color scheme for this one.  The blanket itself is already knit and is just waiting for the trimmings.


Crochet cowl for Wilma

My next home project is a labor of love.  For Wilma’s birthday this last year, Partner bought his momma two skeins of beautiful silk blend lace weight yarn and a crochet pattern to make a dreamy cowl from Tangled Purls.  When she started to work the pattern, she found that the yarn was too fine for her to work comfortably with her mild arthritis. She was going to be unable to make it.  I told her that I would make it for her.  I had pledged to learn to crochet this year, so this was the perfect time to get a bunch of practice.  It is all single crochet and I thought I could probably handle it.  It has been interesting.  I reminded myself of the single crochet stitch by utilizing U-tube.  The yarn is VERY FINE.  It floats like cobwebs.  I am not a very fast crocheter.  This project is the one that I reserve for my evenings while watching (listening to) T.V.  It is very soft and lovely.  I am looking forward to giving it back to Wilma soon. The beautiful wooden yarn bowl was a birthday gift to me this year from partner’s dad, Don.  He does gorgeous wood work on his lathe.

My Grandma’s Attic monthly quilt club blocks (more on them in another post).



I have many, MANY, more projects that have been started and not finished.  These are the ones that I am currently and actively working on at the moment.


Then there is just the regular mending that comes along… right now I have buttons to replace on my Edwardian combination and work slacks to repair a crotch that split.


I am looking forward to sharing my progress with you next week.