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My Ruby McKim – Flower Basket quilt (1934)

Ruby McKim Flower Garden quilt pattern

This quilt is for me. What does that mean? It means that it gets set aside A LOT, in favor of getting other projects done. It means that it is taking a long time to finish each block. It also means that I am not in a hurry to get it finished. I can take my time, enjoy the process. If I don’t like how I have done something, I have the leisure to take out stitches and do them in a way that makes me happy. (for those that know me, that might happen a couple of times)

This project started in September of 2015 with Grandma’s Attic Quilt club. The theme of that quilt club session was “Nineteenth Century Quilt making”. Very interesting topic! In addition to our quilt block pattern and fabrics we also got one pattern from the 1934 Ruby McKim Flower Basket quilt. These patterns were originally published in the paper on a weekly basis in 1934. They were one of several serial quilt patterns being published in various papers across the country at the time. They were very popular. The make the whole quilt there are 32 patterns.

Ruby McKim Flower Basket Block #19 – Morning Glory

The first pattern that we received was block #19 – Morning Glory. (Sep.15) I was unable to start these blocks right away and had several patterns before I started on my first block. It ended up being a different pattern than this one. When I did this one, I did an overcast stitch on the edges. As I was going along, I was unhappy with the results. I went back and looked at my first block and realized that I had done button hole stitch around all the other applique. Time to start over with this block. (yah, yah, yah, I know…) It isn’t done yet, but the fabric has been fused on and is ready to go. The only thing that bugs me about this block is that I had to piece the fabric for the main part of the main flower. It doesn’t bug me so much that I will change the fabric or start over on the flower.

Ruby McKim Flower Basket block #10 – Cosmos

The second pattern was block #10 – Cosmos (Oct.15). Now that I am super duper behind and have not much hope of catching up, I just went back to the beginning and started doing them in order. This block is at the same stage as the first block (without having had to start over on it though). The fabric has been fused and is awaiting the button hole stitching.

Ruby McKim Flower Basket quilt Block #22 – Pansy

Our third pattern was Block #22 – Pansy (Nov.15). I love this block. I did it out of order because my mother loved pansies. I thought of her each and every time that I worked on it. I finished this block at the very beginning of March this year.

Our fourth pattern was block #27 – Canterbury Bells (Dec.15) – I will update you as I make some progress on each un-started block

Ruby McKim Flower Basket Block #12 – Carnation

The fifth pattern was Block #12 – Carnation (Jan.16) – This was the first block that I finished. So, I am guessing that this was the month that I found time to actually start this project and I figured that I would finish it before the next month for show and tell. If you want to do the math… I finished this one before Feb.15 and I finished my next block Mar.16. How is that for progress

The sixth pattern was block #25 – Crocus (Feb.16)

The seventh pattern was block #17 – Daffodil (Mar.16)

The eighth pattern was block #13 – Trillium (Apr.16)

The ninth pattern was block #4 – Honeysuckle (May.16)

The tenth pattern was block #3 – Tea Rose (Jun.16)

The eleventh pattern was block #30 – Tiger Lily (Jul.16)

The twelfth pattern was block #18 – Iris (Aug.16) This was my momma’s favorite flower. I am looking forward to working on this one!

Then, at the end of this session we got some additional blocks. 12 plus 12 equals 24 and not 32. This quilt was to take two quilt club sessions to get all the blocks. Our extra blocks were:

Block #28 – Zinnia
Block #29 – Salvia
Block #31 – Calliopsis
Block #32 – Oriental Poppy

With the arrival of September 2016, was also the arrival of a new session of quilt club! This year the focus is on extraordinary women and it is titled “Wild Roses”.

The first pattern of this session was Block #1 – Geranium (Sept.16)

The second pattern was Block #2 – Hollyhock (Oct.16)

The third pattern was Block #5 Columbine (Nov.16)

The fourth pattern was Block #6 Lilac (Dec.16) – one of MY favorite flowers

The fifth pattern was Block #7 – Tulip (Jan.17) My mom would love to go to EZ Orchard when the tulips were in and bring home bunches for a vase.

The sixth pattern was Block #8 – Delphinium (Feb.17)

The seventh pattern was Block #9 – Petunia (Mar.17)

This brings us up to now. Quilt club will be the second weekend of the month in April. I hope to have, at least, one more block finished by then!