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Flannel Petticoat and Introducing… Pixie and Walther

Two years ago I stumbled across a blog, The Dreamstress.  Within the blog was a sewing challenge, The Historical Sew Monthly Challenge.  It grabbed my imagination immediately!  I began to sew my new wardrobe pieces to be within the challenges for each month.  Only as a lurker, mind you.  I think that I am about ready to come out of my self imposed sewing closet. Continue reading “Flannel Petticoat and Introducing… Pixie and Walther”

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When your stood up on Pizza night…

This weekend I was the lead instructor for a Beginner Rider Training (BRT) for Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety class.  The class starts on Friday night at 5pm (for the instructors) and goes until around 8pm. Because I was one of the AM instructors my day started at 7am and ended around 3pm both on Saturday and Sunday.  Most Sundays I make the dough for the pizza when I get up in the morning.  This weekend it wasn’t an option. Continue reading “When your stood up on Pizza night…”