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Our Wonderfully Wacky Weekend

Our weekend started a little later than our week days do, but not much later.  The alarm was set for 7am (usually it is 6am).  Partner had plans to go run with the Saturday morning crew at Gallagher’s, downtown. My plan was to sleep in until he got home, but I was awake now so I got up.  The next planned evolution for the day was the ‘Run as One’  RWB event.  Partner was planning on running, I was not.  But… I had got to thinking, I could WALK.  So, when I got dressed, I put on my RWB shirt and sweatshirt (and all the rest of the socially acceptable gear).  Then I went about my morning of cleaning the kitchen and puttering around the house until partner got home.

Once he returned home, showered and re-outfitted into the appropriately logoed gear, we leashed up the little dogs and headed to Bullwinkle’s. This was to be the meeting place for this run/walk.  The closer we go thte meeting place the more rain was hitting the windscreen.  I should have put on another layer.  When we arrived was when I realized that it wasn’t just an RWB event.  It was actually a fundraiser for Team Rubicon, The Mission Continues, The Wounded Warrior Project , Team Red white and blue, and others.  The ones that I listed were the ones that were present. There was both a walking and running route.  We were not the only people to bring Canine Americans. Partner ran and the dogs and I walked.

01APR2017 – Run as One

On the ride home, Pixie and Walther were very

Walther PPK

tired.  Pixie refused to sleep, but Walther was OUT!  We didn’t head straight home from the run.  Last Tuesday, Partner had a meeting in the evening.  I was home and we agreed that if I put the old, yucky, rotten railroad ties from the yard into the pickup then we would take them up to the transfer station in Oregon City, that accepts them.  Little did we know that would be an ALL DAY event!  The double line was LONG!  it started in the regular traffic lane.  We slowly wound our way up the lane with all the other people.  Eventually we made it to the front of the line.  We were directed to “lane 1”.  The dumping area was covered, that was a plus.  The staff at the transfer station were nice (they gave the dogs a handful of puppy cookies and some extra for the big dog at home).  We were glad to get rid of the railroad ties.  But, that is it.  By the time that we got home, it was around 4:30pm.  Time to start thinking about dinner.  On to Sunday!


We had planned to walk to White’s for breakfast (2.3 miles).  It was a beautiful morning.  We could see the gold man on top of the capital building as we started down the hill.

teenie-tiny gold man

The walk to White’s was wonderful.  The weather mild and sunny, the company pleasant, and we got a booth right away!  Partner had “the full mess” and I had a Denver Omelet. On the way home we stopped at the grocery for a few things that we were not able to get at the other grocery the night before.  I called up Son and double checked that they were planning on coming for pizza night before making the dough.  We didn’t need more bread this week, so I wanted to make sure. The we hopped into the pickup and headed to Home Depot.  Today we were on the hunt for a door for the basement entry and new hardware all around.  Then guess what Partner did for the rest of the day?

We love-love the new door!  With the windows in it, it let’s in much more light than before.  It feels much friendlier!  Partner finished up a little after grandbabies arrived.

Brother in the playhouse
guess who found the jelly beans?








Now… upstairs to make the pizza!