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Workbasket Wednesday – this & that and wired hats

Last week, in introducing you to my chaotic creative endeavors, I missed some items that I had been working on. I only mention that because I finished one of those things and want to show you.These are my ‘teaching hats’.  They are super floppy.  I hate the floppiness.  they look sloppy and don’t block the sun as effectively as I would like them to.  Last teaching season I had used zip ties to stiffen the brims.  I had inserted them into the stitching around the brim.  That had been almost satisfactory.  Being as the zip ties are flat, they didn’t conform to the curvature of the brim and caused buckling.  It did work to make the brims stiff, but they had a weird ‘wave’ in them. So, I carefully picked out the zip ties and started over.

BOM #7 – Indian Puzzle

Enter “Millenary Wire” to the rescue (in my mind there was a bit of the super hero introduction going on there). I ordered it from Corset Making Supplies.com. When I took the ties off the wire it sprung to life and looked like it does in the photo.  😀    I very carefully threaded the wire into the outer most channel on the brim of each hat.  It worked so well on the yellow hats that I jumped up, ran to my teaching bag and got my rain hat as well!  Now, three hats ready for this teaching season.

Here is my quilt club block for March all finished.  I was blithely ignoring it until Sunday when I went into my sewing room to ‘whip up’ a flat cap for the little boys to try on before making their final Easter hats for this year.  Because the partially finished block was in the way, I took the time to finish it before starting on the flat cap.  I am glad I am done with the block, it turned out reasonably well (although I could point out this and that and the other thing that I am not happy with).  Last week the flat cap was just a pattern so I didn’t include it in my work basket post.  But, it definitely WAS on my ‘to-do’ list.  Hopefully, next week it will be on my ‘TA-DA’ list. I found the pattern online for free from Waffle Patterns blog post.  Son had mentioned in the past that he would like this style of hat for the boys.  I had stored it in the back of my mind.  The original plan was to make them for Christmas, but then I forgot about them (and had too many projects to finish before the holiday).  Now Easter is coming up.  What could be more perfect than a new hat for Easter time?  This is how far I have gotten:

I think that this turned out truly lovely.  This is the cowl that is for Wilma.  Partner had gotten her the yarn and pattern from Tangled Purls as a gift. It is all single crochet worked as a Mobius strip, so you just keep going in a ‘straight’ line and it works the outside edge evenly all the way around.  It seemed like I was never going to finish.  The yarn is a very fine silk blend.  I’m sure that Partner got tired of hearing that it, “was like working with cobwebs”.  It really was!  I am glad that I kept it up and am very excited to give it to Wilma tonight at knitting night!

I have worked on the baby blankets too. The multi-pastel blanket has 7 more inches and I can start the decreases. The lavender/white blanket has 21 more inches before I can start the decreases.  I have worked on both of them this last week, but he pastel one a little more.

This past week, I also took some time to work on my pet project of the Ruby McKim Flower basket quilt blocks.  I haven’t actually finished another one yet, but I did make progress on two of them.

Morning Glories

I guess that is all for this past week.  Check back with me next week to see what I have been up to creatively speaking.  😀

My work magnification glasses – my “BIG EYES”