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Work Basket Wednesday – oh so many projects

Argh! Last week I forgot to update you on my progress on the little green cabled sweater… there wasn’t much. I was waiting for payday to get more yarn. Tuesday, at lunch, I went to JoAnn’s and picked up one skein of yarn to be able to finish the last sleeve on the sweater. I would like to get it finished while it is still cool enough that my little friend will be interested in wearing it.  Although I didn’t actually finish it this last week.  I DID get close! The arms are sewn together.  The shoulders are sewn together.  I just need to sew the arms to the ‘sweater- vest’ and add some buttons and it will be done, done, done!

What is this?  This is the silk that I ordered from Mood.  Yes!  THAT Mood!  This will be Beach Pajamas for my dear friend to wear on our Hawaii trip, in May. I got the pattern this last week, also. It is from Wearing History.  I am planning on making similar alterations to the pattern as did blogger Dressed in time. I want to make one for friend Lori and one for myself.  The first thing that I needed to do was cut apart each pattern piece to make it easier to work with. The easiest place for me to do this was on my living room floor. Because I am making one for friend Lori and one for myself and we are different sizes, I didn’t want to cut the original pattern to a single size.  So I got out the freezer paper and traced the sizes that I needed for each of us.  

This is my work area, the dining room table.  Draped over the chair is the fabric that I will be using for the legs of mine.  It is recycled fabric from an old dress that my grandma had made and worn to Hawaii in days past.  I have just enough for the legs and will have to do something different for the bodice, which is good because it wouldn’t be a flattering color near my face.  As if I don’t have enough projects started… I am writing out a vintage knitting pattern for a lace edging for one of the baby blankets that I am working on.  😀

Also arrived on Wednesday last was the sport weight cashmere yarn from Knit Picks.  These are destined to be lacey knit gloves for the same friend (an over due Christmas gift).  My workbasket it getting fuller and fuller! This is as far as I got with this project this week.


OK…remember the petticoat fabric?  Well, it also doubled as fabric for a muslin mockup for a flat cap for grandbabies for their Easter hats (not, that I have been leaving any of this for the last moment, or anything!).  I sewed the muslin on Sunday last, so it would be ready for the boys to try on when they got there for pizza night.  As soon as I finished and realized that it was too big for me, that it was prolly too big for the little boys.  It was even too big for my son’s head.  Dually noted.  Back to the drawing board.  Purchased and downloaded a new pattern that was to fit the measurements of the little boys’ heads.  It is a Worthy-goods pattern.

Again… I am making two different sizes.  Out comes the freezer paper

I took apart a pair of wool pants that didn’t fit me nicely and used that as the fabric for the hats.  I used this new pattern to cut out the pieces for each size of hat that I needed.  Because the outside of the hats will be in the same fabric and very close in size, I used different colored lining fabric for each one.  I had extra wool fabric, so I cut out an additional hat in the original hat pattern for my son too.  All the while, I was feeling bad that the boys were getting new hats and Son’s wife was not.  I figured out what I am going to do!  More on that next week. Here is a picture of the fabric:

Here are the three hats, each in their own ziplock bags waiting to be finished:

Alrighty then!  Quick updates on some other things:

Cosmos – Done!
Morning Glories – Almost done
pastel baby blanket – on the decrease, almost done
Lavender baby blanket – @ 14.5″ only 10.5″ to go before I can begin decreasing!
Pixie and Walther want to know what all the hubbub is about