Workbasket Wednesday – Beach Pajamas

Resort wear brought to us from the 1920’s! These are not the flannel pj’s that we see out and about today. These were not EVER meant to be worn to bed. These are the type that you’d like to be seen in public. They can be made from cotton, but also from silk or silk-like synthetics.

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Yummy!  This is the major project that I have been working on this week.  I started before this last week and then the Easter hats and celebration pushed it to the back burner.  As soon as Easter was over, and the hats finished (of course) this project took over the dining room table again.  Tuesday night found me tracing pattern pieces and cutting out the muslin for friend Lori in SC.  HI in May for a Girls week of fun in the sun.  What better than glamorous resort wear?  I want to make up the muslin and mail it to Lori to try on, so as to make final pattern adjustments before cutting the beautiful silk from Mood.  This will be my FIRST project sewing silk.  I am a little nervous, to say the least.

Back to the muslin.  As I have mentioned in a past post, I am making a set for myself and for friend Lori.  The first step was to cut apart the pattern pieces.  Then I began tracing the pattern pieces in the needed sizes for each of us.  Not very far into the project I ran out of freezer paper and had to run to the store for more.  (much running  ;D  )   On Tuesday night last, I was able to trace all the pieces I needed for Lori’s.  I also cut out all her muslin pieces and marked the fabric with sewing marks.  Since it is a muslin, I just used an ink pen and made the marks directly on the fabric to save time.  I was also able to trace all my pattern pieces except for the final one.  Because it was bedtime, I had to wait until the next evening (after Knitting night, of course) to finish tracing that piece.  Then it was into the sewing room for me.  I MUST get the finished muslin in the mail for Lori to try on.  That way I can make the final adjustments and get her garment made in time for VACA in May!!!