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Work Basket Wednesday – Beach PJ’s – Update

cutting the pattern pieces apart.

I forgot that I had ‘scheduled’ this post to post automatically.  I thought I would finish writing it and post it this evening, after returning home from knitting night.  sheesh.

Tracing each pattern size needed onto freezer paper

So.  I had a coupon with JoAnn’s fabric store for 60% off of muslin fabric.  YES!!!  This is just what I needed to make this mockup.  I got 10 yards for less than $20.  I scored!  I didn’t worry about washing it before cutting and sewing it up.  It wasn’t going to be used as anything but for Lori to try on so I could make the adjustments.

The hardest thing for me is to remember to take pictures as I sew along.  I get so excited in seeing the progress that I keep going and then, all of a sudden, it is done.  oops.

I sewed the seams of the pants with French seams, so there wouldn’t be any exposed raw edges.  This isn’t really important on the mock-up, but I wanted it to see how it would fit as if I had finished it like I will be finishing the final garment.  Once the ‘pants’ were finished they made me laugh.  I know that modern clothes don’t have the same fit as vintage clothes, but these pants look huge.

Beach PJ legs- 1/2 the length of the twin mattress

The top worked up as quickly as the pants had.




I attached the top to the bottom and it looks like a big white bag.  sigh.  Not the flowy, sexy garment that I imagined.  I know it will be awesome in the silk, but for now not-so-much.

Big White Bag – the chrysalis to the Beach PJ butterfly

I got it in the mail on Monday last-past and Lori received it today – Wednesday.  We did a “Marco-polo” app video fitting.  The changes are straight forward enough and I don’t even need her to send the muslin back.  I will cut out the silk and have time to sew it up this coming Sunday.

In the meantime, I started on my beach PJ’s.  I only have the fabric for the pants, but I finished cutting and sewing those up last night.

My Beach PJ pants in the final fabric

I am thinking of making the bodice part in white and then having a tie that matches the pants.