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Wonderfully (?) Wacky Weekend – unauthorized pe(s)ts

Mmmmmm… I awoke on Saturday, sleepy but wonderfully relaxed from my week in Hawai’i with friends. I had just awoken from a dream in which I was talking to my BFF and as I woke, I also rolled over to finish our conversation. I could tell by Partner’s facial hair that he wasn’t my friend Lori. Then I turned and looked out my bedroom windows. From this angle I could see the brilliantly blue sky. I just “knew” that if I got up and peeked out the window, I would have a view of the ocean. Nope. Back to reality. Continue reading “Wonderfully (?) Wacky Weekend – unauthorized pe(s)ts”


Hawai’i 2017 – Day 1 (cont.)

Not only did Lori miss her flight, but David and Missi had just touched down (I had not met them yet). They said that they would be going to the bar to wait. I figured I would get my luggage and then head to the bar to meet and wait with them. After  I FINALLY found the luggage claim area and got my case, I looked around and saw a sign that said that I couldn’t go back up where I just came from. Hmmm… how AM I going to get back up to that bar? So I sat down with my case to wait for someone, anyone, to come by that looked anything like the Dave and/or Missi pictures on the “Group Me” app.

It wasn’t very long before I started getting messages from Missi and David, about how the FBI took some guy off the plane in handcuffs and that they would be delayed getting off their plane, because they were having to get off one at a time.  WHAT THE HECK?!  I finally got a piece of a clue and asked one of the airport helpers how to get back upstairs to the bar.  Apparently I just needed to walk around the wall and take the other elevator back upstairs to the Atrium Bar.

I ordered a Mai Tai and a sandwich.  Right after giving my order I got another message from Missi and David.  They were now on a shuttle, being taken to a conference room to be interviewed by the FBI. They were told that it could be hours.  About this time I got a message from Monique, that she and BJ had just landed.

Since I had already started on food and drink (and my headache was starting to go away now), I told them that I was excited to meet them and hear their story. Missi then said that the FBI was going to go through all the passengers’ belongings before they would be returned to them. David and Missi were DONE.  They got their own rental car and headed to the hotel.  I finished my sandwich and my drink and continued to wait.  I waited until I got a call from Monique, asking me if I was with David and Missi. I said, “nope”.  Monique and BJ were getting their rental van and she directed me to be able to find her.  When I rounded the corner and saw Monique standing there, smiling, I knew it was her.  She has the most amazing smile.  We loaded up in the van, waited for Jen in her rental car to get behind us and we all headed to the Hale Koa hotel.

After checking in and dropping off the luggage, we all headed down to the barefoot bar on the beach.

David and Missi
Jennifer and Monique



There was a guy selling toys on the beach, as the sun started to go down.  He would hook them to a rubber band thing, and then flip them high up in the air.  It looked like they would fall directly on top of us sitting at the barefoot bar.  When the toys would be at the apex of their flight, they would light up and then start spinning and catch the breeze and end up landing right by the guy that threw them in the air.  Every Friday at 6:45pm there is a fireworks show directly on the beach.  We were well placed for fireworks viewing.

First night Sunset

At the bar we all visited and had lovely beverages until we got a call from Lori and Tara, that they had arrived.  We headed back to the airport to pick them up. The group was  FINALLY all together!  Back to the hotel and back to the barefoot bar for more visiting and drinks.

As we walked back up the path to the hotel, the trees were under light with blue lights.  It felt like we were walking into the movie AVATAR.

Eventually we all ended up in our rooms where Lori, Tara and I realised that none of us remembered to bring a charger for our laptops. Doh!

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Hawaii 2017 – Day 1

Partner and I got up at 3am to be able to leave for the airport by 3:30.  There was leftover coffee from the day before that was still lukewarm, we went with it. I am very grateful for the ride up to the airport and for his company. I do feel bad that he had a full day ahead of him after little to no sleep.

My flight was on Alaska Airlines and was leaving at 06:35am.  I wanted to make sure that I was going to be able to make it through the TSA security screening and to my gate in plenty of time before the flight.  The early morning flights are always super busy.

On Wednesday, I had looked up the rules regarding what I could and couldn’t take in my carry on luggage.  I wanted to make sure that, if I wanted to take my knitting on the plane to keep me busy on the flight, I would be able to do so without my good needles being taken from me.  As it turns out, I could take them but ended up not taking a knitting project.  I took a sewing project instead.

Upon arriving in San Jose, I saw that Lori B had missed her flight. I was able to talk to her on the phone and ashe said that she had gotten a little lost on her way to the airport. After that I had a little bit of a wait, but not bad.  As soon as we were in the air, I went to sleep.  I woke up right before we were to land in San Jose.  We were to have a one hour lay over.  By the time I got to the next gate, we were only a few minutes until boarding.  I didn’t mind that at all.  The flight to Hawai’i was scheduled to be about 5 hours 26 minutes.  I would need something to keep me busy.  I chose to bring my Ruby McKim block and my newly started project; Flower of the Month Embroidery Block #5 – May (lily of the valley) a Patti-Ann Publication. After lift-off (launch, as my son used to say when he was a little guy), I finished the stitching on the morning glory block of the Ruby McKim block.  Then I started stitching on my new project.  I wasn’t very far in when I had to put it away.  I just needed to get some more sleep.  I had a horrible headache. Again I woke up just as the plane was getting ready to land.

Once the plane was on the ground and we were allowed to turn back on our cel-phones, I got notification that 2 things. Two of our party had just landed and Lori B had also missed her second plane.