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Wonderfully Wacky Weekend – Team Oregon

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned before that Partner and I both teach motorcycle safety for Team Oregon.

This is mostly a weekend thing, but sometimes it can be on other days of the week. If we have a full class, that is 12 students. 12 potential new motorcyclists. They are people of all ages, back grounds, life experiences, etc. Most of the time they are glad to be there because they are excited to get their endorsements. That being said, we don’t actually give endorsements. We train, coach, and evaluate if they can do the most basic of skills for moto-safety. If they successfully complete the coarse and evaluation(s), they earn their “completion card”. They then go to DMV with the card and their dollars and DMV issues them an endorsement.

Teaching, in and of itself, isn’t usually wacky but it can be wonderful. Sometimes the conditions in which we teach are down right miserable. Apparently this is the wettest April on record for our area and we haven’t’ been slacking on the cold either. The fact that I wired the brims of my teaching hats with the millenary wire, has made my experience a little bit more comfortable.

I am better at sewing and crafting than I am at anything mechanical.  On occasion we, as instructors, are required to do a little BASIC maintenance on the bikes.  My last class of last year found me changing out my very first clutch lever.  This was a requirement to make the bike useful for the PM group because I had a student tip over and break off the one that had been on the bike during the AM group.  I was pretty pleased with myself too.  Fast forward to last weekend…  I got the chance to do it again.  It didn’t seem as easy as I remembered, but I persevered and enjoyed the feelings of success.

today, this is what success looked like