Guest Post – Life in another land

So, I have always had a large imagination and a fascination in the world of fantasy. When I was a child I spent, my playtime playing with my Legos and pretending they were knights and all that sort of thing. I never truly grew out of this imagination play but it’s physical manifestation certainty became confined to my mind’s eye as I aged. I always have been a video game player as well and this usually complimented my desire for this “other” world and permitted me a portal to go and explore this world through someone else’s creation. However, this is just the ground work for a greater tale you see. When I was in middle school I received my first personal computer from my mother’s partner and few games with it. One of these games was a role-playing game named Diablo 2. The plot was simple, choose from 6 different classed heroes and fight the forces of evil. Now I favored one specific class, the Paladin. I created my paladin (something like a holy knights templar) and named him Muridan. Now at this time Muridan was no more than a simple game character that I enjoyed playing, but one day I read on a forum that there was software that allowed the player to modify the game files. This intrigued me, I knew that I could use this and create any item I wanted in the game, and exactly the way I wanted it. So, I set out and did it! The first thing I made was a two-handed maul that had an enchantment that was +219 to light radius, being as I had a hard time seeing in dark caves in the game. The modding software allowed me to give my creation a name, so I name it the Lighthammer (fitting, right?). This is where my story begins, the birth of Muridan wielder of the Lighthammer!

After the creation of my hero’s great weapon I began to make stories and legends up in my head about my dear Muridan but I never dared to share them with anyone until I met my now best friend Nick. One night we were having a sleep over at one of each other’s houses and talking about this and that when I told Nick of my imaginary hero. He was fascinated and amazed and added to the legend with his own tales and I was pleased that he didn’t hate it or scoffed at my ideas. So, my hero was gaining momentum in my mind and I couldn’t wait to build on it and share him and his stories with more people, I just needed my chance. I got that chance when I joined the Army after High school. You see, when I was in boot camp I didn’t have much to do in my off time, so I wrote. I wrote about my hero and my fellow soldiers began to take note. I found myself writing page after page and my roommates would ask me to read them what I had written so they too could drift off to a far away place where holy knights smited evil undead hordes. But it did not last, when I graduated boot camp I lost so much of my writings including letters my soon to be wife wrote me, and once again my brave hero fell silent.

This all brings me to now and why I am writing you. See, now I have decided I can one again tell my hero’s story by using my adventures with him as a setting for a D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) game. I pitched the idea to some co-workers and told them a brief synopsis of the world in which Muridan resides and they were stoked! So, I am very part time due to my wife making considerably more than I do, which is to be said I work only two days a week. This lack of my presence has seemed to cause a void in my co-workers because every week they would ask me the setting and tell them about our adventures. I enjoyed this the first few times about eventually got tired of it so I decided to make a prop. A letter written by the guild master of the Adventurers Guild that explained their quest and had a brief description of the world around them. But it had to be convincing, I wrote up a quick letter and then brewed some English grey tea. I soaked my letters in the tea and then hung them to dry. But the hanging process was taking too long so I fired up the oven and turned the dial to the lowest heat setting. This went by much faster and caused my letters to curl on the edges giving a nice look. Now around this time I called my mother because I knew her to be crafty and she might think of better ideas to make my letters more authentic. She did have some good ideas, she recommended that I burn the edges of the letter and hold the page up to the flame for a charred effect. Of course, though while on the phone with her I began to give it a try and as she warned me now to hold it too long to the paper, I lit my page on fire. I quickly put it out with frantic blowing the glowing edges away and my mother was laughing hard on the other end of the call. I ended up letting mom get back to work and thanked her for the advice. I finished up my letters and sealed them with a red sealing wax stamped with the letter “A”. I then sent texts and a picture of the finished letters to all of the folks that would be wanting to play the game and it went something like this: “A raven just arrived this morning from the east. I believe it to be from the Adventurers Guild be as it is bearing the seal. I will send a courier at once”. I then packed up my little kiddos and went out to deliver my hard work.

When I arrived at my place of work to deliver my letters I was greeted loudly and boisterously. One of my co-workers shouted, “The courier has arrived!”. I smiled and handed out my letters and scanned intently their faces as they received them and opened them. They were a hit, they loved them! So later in the day I called my mother back and thanked her again for the ideas and that my coworkers loved them. I later showed my mother one of the small scrolls that I had made and she loved them as well and insisted that I write about my little tale and how I came about making them. I hope you have enjoyed my small story, as I have enjoyed telling it.

Muridan has faded away by the passing of time, but his holy artifact remains, hidden deep within the earth. On May 7th, eight humble adventures will set out into a brave and strange world to find out what happened to the great Lighthammer and who was the man that first wielded it.