Wonderfully Wacky Weekends

Yes, more than one.  That’s what happens when I am unable to blog for whatever reason.

Two weekends ago I was not teaching.  I take the weekend off if it is quilt club weekend.  On Friday night before the weekend, both of the little dogs got their once a month baths.  That way they can snuggle in the covers to stay warm all night as their hair completely dries.  We, of course, towel them dry as much as we can before we let them get anywhere close to the bed.

On Saturday morning Pixie and I went to quilt club at Grandma’s Attic Quilting Emporium in Dallas, Oregon.  Walther usually goes with us ladies, but that day Partner took him to his annual veterinarian appointment.  After quilt club, Pixie and I made our usual stop at McDonald’s for my Sausage McMuffin with Egg and her sausage patty.  After returning home, I commenced sewing until Son called me.  I had asked him to call me when he was ready for me to come over.  I wanted to go over to visit and to help him hang his fence panels back up.  His fence had blown over in the last high winds.  It was a lot of fun to help, visit and play with the grandsons.  Walther, Pixie and Molly wanted to come help too but they had to stay in the main part of the yard.  Poor doggies.

The next weekend I wasn’t scheduled to teach, but I was scheduled to help with a safety event.  The event was a check station for the Rose City Motorcycle Club Rally.  There was myself and another instructor (Michael) under the Team Oregon easy up.

There was two people under the RCMC easy up.

Pat, from the Team Oregon office had come and helped set up.  Team Oregon provided snacks, bottled water and a helmet washing station.  There was over 160 bikes registered.  With the heavy rain, the accident that happened out on the road and the lunch stop for one group that took two hours before they received their food – the event went a little longer than planned.  We didn’t mind staying a little longer to make sure that all the riders made it through this check point.  It is my understanding that the riders on the rally went about 500 miles in that rain.

Because I was in Corvallis for the rally and Partner had been teaching all day (also in the rain, but in Salem), he called me and suggested that I pick up pizza from Cidici’s.

I set the sat-nav and followed it to the center of Albany.  It IS our favorite pizza, after all.  I also enjoyed all the beautiful old homes in the neighborhood surrounding the pizza parlor (in an old train station).

I would have taken more photos of the houses, but I was getting some strange looks and I didn’t want to be a creeper…