Wedding Cake vs. Birthday Cake

OK… so, every time that I go to the local fabric store there are these two gums.  Right next to each other.

I think to myself, do they really taste all that different?

If they do taste different, which one is better?

I must have seen them sitting there more than 100 times (yes, I go to that store a lot).  Finally the other day I broke down and bought a package of each.  I was determined to find out the answers to these questions.  I chewed one and then the other one.

The answer to the first question is:  yes, they taste different.

The answer to the second question is: Birthday cake tastes better than Wedding cake.

To me the wedding cake flavor tastes like stale birthday cake.  It wasn’t just my opinion either.  My go-to-girl, Gaby tried each of them the next day.  I hadn’t told her my opinion of either gum.  She said that she liked the birthday cake flavor better too.


So there you have it.  😀