Wedding Cake vs. Birthday Cake

OK… so, every time that I go to the local fabric store there are these two gums.  Right next to each other.

I think to myself, do they really taste all that different?

If they do taste different, which one is better?

I must have seen them sitting there more than 100 times (yes, I go to that store a lot).  Finally the other day I broke down and bought a package of each.  I was determined to find out the answers to these questions.  I chewed one and then the other one.

The answer to the first question is:  yes, they taste different.

The answer to the second question is: Birthday cake tastes better than Wedding cake.

To me the wedding cake flavor tastes like stale birthday cake.  It wasn’t just my opinion either.  My go-to-girl, Gaby tried each of them the next day.  I hadn’t told her my opinion of either gum.  She said that she liked the birthday cake flavor better too.


So there you have it.  😀


Wonderfully Wacky Weekends

Yes, more than one.  That’s what happens when I am unable to blog for whatever reason.

Two weekends ago I was not teaching.  I take the weekend off if it is quilt club weekend.  On Friday night before the weekend, both of the little dogs got their once a month baths.  That way they can snuggle in the covers to stay warm all night as their hair completely dries.  We, of course, towel them dry as much as we can before we let them get anywhere close to the bed.

On Saturday morning Pixie and I went to quilt club at Grandma’s Attic Quilting Emporium in Dallas, Oregon.  Walther usually goes with us ladies, but that day Partner took him to his annual veterinarian appointment.  After quilt club, Pixie and I made our usual stop at McDonald’s for my Sausage McMuffin with Egg and her sausage patty.  After returning home, I commenced sewing until Son called me.  I had asked him to call me when he was ready for me to come over.  I wanted to go over to visit and to help him hang his fence panels back up.  His fence had blown over in the last high winds.  It was a lot of fun to help, visit and play with the grandsons.  Walther, Pixie and Molly wanted to come help too but they had to stay in the main part of the yard.  Poor doggies.

The next weekend I wasn’t scheduled to teach, but I was scheduled to help with a safety event.  The event was a check station for the Rose City Motorcycle Club Rally.  There was myself and another instructor (Michael) under the Team Oregon easy up.

There was two people under the RCMC easy up.

Pat, from the Team Oregon office had come and helped set up.  Team Oregon provided snacks, bottled water and a helmet washing station.  There was over 160 bikes registered.  With the heavy rain, the accident that happened out on the road and the lunch stop for one group that took two hours before they received their food – the event went a little longer than planned.  We didn’t mind staying a little longer to make sure that all the riders made it through this check point.  It is my understanding that the riders on the rally went about 500 miles in that rain.

Because I was in Corvallis for the rally and Partner had been teaching all day (also in the rain, but in Salem), he called me and suggested that I pick up pizza from Cidici’s.

I set the sat-nav and followed it to the center of Albany.  It IS our favorite pizza, after all.  I also enjoyed all the beautiful old homes in the neighborhood surrounding the pizza parlor (in an old train station).

I would have taken more photos of the houses, but I was getting some strange looks and I didn’t want to be a creeper…


Work Basket Wednesday – Finishing things before vacation…

As you may have noticed, I did not blog last week. Last week was hard for me, lots of anxiety. Not one thing that I can point to and therefore fix, but lots of little things that add up to overwhelming amounts of stress. I doubled down on my medication and kept it moving. I also stumbled across another blog that talked about stress and anxiety and it really helped me. I will be on the look out to find that blog again so I can link to it. I wish I had written it down at the time, but I was barely able to function at that moment. I am doing much better (obviously, because I am able to blog).

While I wasn’t able to scrape together the energy to blog, I had kept up on my handwork to maintain my sanity. One of the projects that I have been working on is the beach PJ’s for friend Lori and for myself.  I needed to make the arm scythe into a more modern size and for that I needed a French Curve ruler.  So, off to the local fabric store I went.  While Partner waited in the truck (we were also making a run to Home Depot on this trip), I hurried in and cornered a store helper.  I asked if they had any French Curves.  Upon seeing the ‘lost look’ on the helper’s face I started to describe what they look like.

Me: A clear plastic ruler with a curved end.

Her: What is it used for?

Me: clothing construction.

At this point she took me over to the quilting section.  We both stood there staring at the available choices, none of which had any curves to them.  She assured me that this WAS the selection.  I thanked her and hurried back to join partner.  I was disappointed and frustrated.  Now I was going to have to order something from Amazon.com and wait. Upon looking it up on Amazon, I was to find that it wouldn’t be guaranteed to be delivered until after I had returned from my trip.  THAT wouldn’t work!!  sigh.

On the following Monday, I needed to pick up something for a different project.  So, at lunch, friend Gaby and I used our lunch time to walk to the fabric store.  Right before we were ready to check out I turned to her and said, “let me check one more thing…”  Sure enough!  In the notions section, there were two sizes of French Curves.  I bought the larger of the two, it came with an instruction book.  Ooooooooohhhhhh, I was so pleased with myself.  It worked like a charm too.  I used the fitting of friend Lori to guess-ti-mate the armpit alterations for myself.  Happy sigh.  Progress again.

So the neck and armhole edges were raw.  I cut some one inch strips on the bias and ironed them in half lengthwise.

making bias tape

As I finished each length of bias tape, I rolled it around some antique wooden spools that I had been given by my friend Linda.

There was 3 types of bias tape: the orange one was for the neck edge on my beach pj’s, The all white one, for the arm holes on my beach pj’s and the one with the spots for the neck edge and the arm holes on friend Lori’s beach pj’s.  Due to the difficulty I had when attaching the bottoms to the tops, I figured I would practice on mine before doing friend Lori’s (this time).  I am glad that I did.  The first arm hole edge turned out not-so-pretty.

Welcome to the fun world of the bias.  So I did what I usually do… I took it off and did it again.  This time I did a running stitch along each side prior to attaching it to the arm hole edge.  I think it turned out much better this time.  Then when I was done, I pulled out the running stitches.

Once the technique was in place, it was pretty easy to finish up all four arm holes and the two neck edges.

Next on the list was the hemming of the legs.  On the silk I had used the selvage edge as the bottom edge.  All I needed to do was to turn up 1/4 inch twice and do a blind hem.  I was very pleased with how it turned out.  For mine, the legs are sheer.  I needed to do a rolled hem.  I looked up the procedure on U-Tube.  It looked pretty simple.  What I wasn’t prepared for was just how COOL and FUN it was to do!  The first part was to make the stitches

Then, after making 4-5 stitches in a row, you slowly pull the stitches tight and it magically rolls the hem into a tight little rolled hem.  MAGIC!

It pleased me quite a bit.  I giggled out loud a couple of time.  The next day I made the silk belt for friend Lori’s PJ’s.  I am planning on using a green ribbon for the belt with mine.

Not all of my projects are for the trip.  I was also able to finish the pastel baby blanket and give it to Jeannie for her first grandbaby.

Having found out that the Easter hat that I had made for my DIL was too tight, I took it back home and removed the band.  I opened up the back seam and sewed it all back together.  It fits much looser, hopefully it will fit her head better.

I had also taken a co-worker’s sock to darn.  I had it for two weeks while I was struggling with my issues before I was able to work on it.  Finished that too!  Finishing things helps to make things better, for me at least.

Another project that I had wanted to do prior to the HI trip was to make Espadrille shoes.  I started them last night and finished them this morning.  They were a fun and fast project.  I would have probably finished them last night, but when I went into the living room to utilize the magnification lamp to do the handwork, Pixie promptly planted herself in my lap.  On top of the pieces of fabric.  She was done being ignored.

I checked my watch… 9:00pm.  Yep, after 8:30pm.  It WAS Pixie loving time.  Dang.  I begged, wedeled, and negotiated for her to move.  This is what I got:

She stayed there too.  I had to pull each piece out and work on it.  Then it was Pixie love time and then bed time.

Today I sewed the fabric part of the shoes to the soles of the shoes.  It was FUN and fast!

First I had to pin all around the shoe.  Then there was the blanket stitching all around the outside using a wickedly curved mattress needle.

Then there are SHOES!!!

They are a little big.  Tonight I will be following the direction for tightening up the fabric part of the shoes.  I might also add some ribbons to tie up my leg to help them stay on.  I will probably make these type of shoes again in the future.  They are fun to make and I can imagine altering them in all sorts of ways.