Workbasket Wednesday – What I have been up to…

It has been a few weeks since I have let you peek into my workbasket.  No, I have not been slacking on my projects – just on my blogging.  I worked on sewing during my Hawai’i trip.


I started a new embroidery project on my plane rides during the same trip.  Here and there I have been continuing to work on the baby blankets.  They are on a time line, you know!  Must get them done before their big arrival dates. I have 3 in process, at the moment. The blue/white/green multi-colored blanket with the blue lace border.  This last past Wednesday saw me turn another corner on the border.  Only two more corners to go!  The lavender/white blanket has the main body of the blanket done and is waiting for it’s border. When I took this blanket to the local craft store to purchase the yarn for the border… it looks best with a shade of royal blue yarn.  Who knew?  My current ‘under desk’ project is a yellow baby blanket 20170628_130022 that is destined to have a pink border.  I like to think of it as my ‘pink lemonade’  blanket. I am almost 1/2 way done with the decrease rows.  I returned from vacation with several Kukui nut necklaces that needed some doctoring/changing.  The one with multi-colored turtles painted on them, needed to be made into two necklaces.


One for each grandson.  They were a hit with the boys.  I also had one purple one and one with orange turtles that needed to be turned into two necklaces with both purple and orange for  my Clemson friends.

20170616_110442They are done and just need to be mailed out.  I made and re-made the silver bomber jacket for a stylish breakdancing grandson of my co-worker friend, Penny.

20170605_065747I continue to finish the bottom of the long lace cardigan that I have been repairing for another co-worker, Melissa P.  I donated three large containers of art supplies from my sewing room to the volunteer services at the hospital where I work. During this clean out, I found three different locations where I had stashed 2″ squares of fabric that I have been saving for a ‘postage stamp’ quilt project.  I consolidated them in one location.  This is progress!