Hawai’i 2017 – Day 2


The bright light woke us all up early (Hawaiian time, not at home time).  The first thing that we absolutely needed to get done this morning was to pick up the tickets for the excursions! Tara had gotten up much earlier than Lori and I.  she had been to Leonard’s and brought back malasadas. Guess what we had for breakfast?

I got dressed in my new dress that my son had given to me for Mother’s day.

The Military Welfare and Recreation (MWR) office is in the same complex as the Navy Exchange.  Whoo-hoo, two birds with one stone, so to speak. Sadly, the ATV excursion had been cancelled, but there was plenty to keep us busy.  We picked up the tickets and headed to the exchange to do a little shopping. We had souvenirs to pick up for our loved ones back home and maaaaaaybeeeee a little shopping for ourselves too.  After shopping we needed to refuel.  We all headed for Aiea Bowl for lunch.  It had been featured on the show “Dine-ins, Drive-ins and Dives

for its ox-tail soup and other things.  It was pretty busy, we had to wait for seating.  Upon being seated, the waiter asked us what we’d like to drink.  Lori asked if they had a full bar and Tristen assured us that they did.  Lori ordered a shot of Remy Martin. Nope, they didn’t have that.  Then she ordered a shot of Courvoisier.  Nope, they didn’t have that either.  When she ordered the shot of Hennessey she had much better luck.  So much for the full bar, lol.  Lori had ordered garlic fries as a starter.  When they arrived she tried them and thought that they tasted funny.  When I tasted them, I asked her if she had asked if they used different fryers for the fish and everything else.  When our server, Tristen, came back to the table it was asked of him.  After checking with the kitchen we knew that the fryers were used for EVERYTHING, including the fish.  NOT GOOD (Lori has a VERY sensitive seafood allergy).  She had to change her order to steak.  I ordered the ox tail soup.  I figured I wouldn’t be back here any time soon and this is one of the things that they had gotten on the show for.  I am glad that I tried it.  It was delicious!!  There was way too much to finish in one sitting.  Some of the other dishes that were ordered were: tasty chicken, garlic fries, mac salad and others.

All were found to be yummy.  After lunch we headed back to the hotel.  On the way back Lori and I talked BJ into dropping us off at the Ala Moana Center.  Lori wanted to have her Tiffany ring cleaned and polished.  While we were there, why not do a  little shopping?  Lori had wanted some stacking rings.  She was able to find two very different rings that stacked really nice and looked fabulous together.

From the mall, we walked back to the hotel.  Not the smartest choice while wearing flip-flops.  When we finally got back, here was talk of a nap.  For a bit, we lolled around on the bed taking selfies with the selfie-stick.

Then… we took that nap.  For dinner Lori and I met our friend and prior ship-mate, Krista at Koko’s.

Dinner was a buffet and we topped it off with drinks. Krista and I had Blue Hawaiians

Blue Hawaiian

and Lori had her shot of fancy Cognac.  It was wonderful  to see Krista after so many years!  It was nice to catch up.  After dinner we connected with the rest of our party.  It was decided to head on down to the Shore Bird restaurant for drinks and Karaoke.  It was a short walk down the beach.  When we arrived, we took a table in the back.  We were sitting behind the Karaoke stage.  A fellow and frequent singer by the name of Phil was up there singing a country western song.  We quickly ordered drinks and started browsing the large binders of music that the DJ gave to us.  Phil sang a few more songs before Lori put a handful of slips into the jar.  Jen’s cousin Alex, who was in Hawaii with the merchant marines, joined us for Karaoke.  I had never done Karaoke before and was going to enjoy watching and listening.  Our group was happy to noisily cheer and clap for anyone that got up there.  We quickly were dubbed the noisy group.  Lori got up there and sang.  Then Lori and Tara sang.  After a bit, the DJ called for Lori again and I was told that they were calling my name.  I loudly asked, “how many R’s are in the name?”  When he said only one, I made Lori go up there.  By the next time he called out “Lorri” he said “with 2 R’s”.  That is how I popped my Karaoke cherry.  I’m not good, but I did it.  Thankfully, Tara went up and sang with me.  Alex got up with Jen and did a boy band song.  Later in the evening another guy got up and was singing a boy band song and was struggling.  Alex hopped up and joined him.  Then, another guy jumped up and joined both of them.  At one point Lori and I made a group trip to the ladies room.  While we were washing our hands, Lori was set upon a super friendly (rather inebriated) young lady.  She very excitedly explained to Lori that she had been a Karaoke virgin until tonight.  That Lori had been an inspiration for her to get up there and do her thing.  It is always rather awkward to talk with people you don’t know while in the ladies’ room. At one point, everyone convinced Monique to sing but she agreed to do so only if she could do it sitting down.  What a lovely voice! Towards the end of the evening, I accompanied Lori outside for her smoke break.  While we were outside, Rob (a slightly tipsy patron of the same establishment) joined us and was very effusive in praising Lori’s singing.  He told us that he would sing one more song and it would be just for her!  As it turned out, the last song of the night was by Mr. Ron!  He chose “I like big butts”.  It was a perfect ending to the evening. A round of Patron shots and a lovely walk back to our hotel.