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Wonderfully Wacky Weekend – Newport Marathon

My weekend, as all weekends do, started on Friday when I clocked off from work… Partner wasn’t going to be home Friday night. He and a group of people went to Newport Friday night to be ready to run the marathon the next morning. Before leaving town, Partner called me to ask to be available for Michael H. to pick up an extra Aprilla exhaust. Since I was going to be home, I said I would. As I left the building, my phone started going crazy with all the messages that it can’t get while I am working in the dungeon. One of the messages was from Michael H. Friday traffic had been kind to him and he was ready to pick up the exhaust if I was home. I let him know that I would be home in 20 minutes. He was glad to get the exhaust.

Since I was home alone, I decided to tackle a project that I had wanted to do and was able to do on my own. The fence boards on the front of the house were not straight across the front and I wanted to add a board across the bottom (like the ones I saw on Pintrest). I borrowed Partner’s pickup, went to The Home Depot and picked up the boards that I needed for the bottom of the fence. (Pixie had come with me) As I was happily driving home, I realized that I had forgotten to pick up screws with which to attach the boards back to the fence. I stopped at the Lowe’s that was on the way home to correct this oversight.

Once home again, I gathered up the tools that I needed: a saw, a drill, a crowbar, an extension cord, a level, a sharpie marker and both boxes of screws. I bonked down the fence boards. Then I measured the pressure treated bottom boards and sawed them off to the length needed. As I was putting them up, I kept stripping out the screws. Also, three drill tips in, I figured out that I had been grinding down the drill tips too. Gosh, how nice, to surprise Partner with the new fence AND the wrecked tools. ARGH. By the time that I got to actually putting up the fence boards I figured out how to make the drill go slow enough that I could drive in the screws without stripping them out or grinding off the drill bits.

The fence boards are dog-eared and I wanted to maintain that detail at the top. To be able to shorten the boards to the right length, I turned them dog-eared end down. Then I used the level and sharpie marker to make a line where the board should be cut. Then I would take that board over to the saw and make the cut. I only had one extension cord so I would then have to unplug the saw and plug-in the drill, place the board in place and screw the board up. I did this for each fence board, one at a time. About 3/4 of the way done I realized that should have been leaving a gap between the fence boards instead of butting them right up against each other. I looked at the neighbor’s fence… yep, gap. I went around to the back yard and looked at the last fence that Partner had made… yep, gap. I went into the garage to see if there was something there to make a small gap. nope. Back out to my fence and because it was starting to get dark and the mozies were starting to feed, I kept it moving and finished the fence as is. I putt away all the tools and called it a night. It was now 9:30pm.

Saturday morning Pixie, Walther and I went out to Grandma’s Attic Quilting Emporium in Dallas for our monthly Quilt Club. Walther wore his new Aloha shirt that I had brought back with me from vacation and Pixie wore (tolerated) her new halter that looks like a blue sun-dress. 😀   Quit Club was wonderful as always! I even won one of the door prizes – a group of fat 1/8th’s of coordinated fabric. Afterwards the puppies shared a sausage patty from McDonald’s. This is the highlight of this trip for them.

Prior to leaving for the quilt club, I had been looking for my bags that I take to work each day of the week. One of the bags contained my coffee pot. It is a metal, carafe style pot that I take with me each day so as to drink the very last drop of coffee and let none go to waste. I could NOT find my bags. I looked in all the usual places and all the not so usual places and the highly unlikely places and still no bags. That was weird. After Quilt Club, I brought the puppies home and looked for the bags again. It is now 11am and I haven’t had any coffee yet. Things are starting to get desperate.

I still needed to go to the local fabric store to get fabric for a bomber jacket that I had agreed to make for Co-worker Penny for her grandson.  I also had a couple of errands that would take me near my work.  I thought it was a complete long-shot that I had left my bags at work on Friday, but that I would just stop and look.  Sure enough, that’s where I found them!  I was very relieved.  I picked up my bags and headed to the fabric store.  One of my errands was a stop at our favorite coffee pusher, Black Rock.  YUM.

Upon returning home, I quickly got started on the bomber jacket.

I needed it to be finished by Monday.  The Silver Lame fabric is very light and slippery, but it frays easily so that made it all better (sheesh).  As I worked with the fabric I decided that it would make it more sturdy  if I finished the seems with bias tape.

The pattern actually showed seams being finished with a serger.  my regular sewing machine is a treadle machine that only sews in a forward direction and only a straight stitch. So the bias tape was a very practical way to finish the seams and prevent them from raveling. Everything was going well until I accidentally sewed one of the pockets to one of the sleeves.  Because the fragile nature of the fabric, I was unable to remove the stitching and re-sew the pocket to the correct location.  Thankfully, I had JUST enough fabric to recut the pieces and I started over.  I changed the order of operations for the second sewing of the jacket to make sure that I didn’t repeat the same mistake.

While I was working on the jacket, Partner returned home.  He was tired from having run the annual Newport Marathon.  As usual, the runners’ medal was very pretty.

Made from Blown glass.  At our house we are pretty proud of him.  He made the whole marathon in under 4 hours for the first time ever!!

For dinner we leashed up the little dogs and walked to McMenamins Thompson Brewery & Public House.

Sunday morning started with a walk up to the ACME café.

Breakfast was amazing, as usual.  On our return walk home, we dropped off a blueberry coffee cake and a coffee to-go to our DIL.  Then it was on to Fred Meyers and home.

I headed back to my sewing room to finish the jacket and I did so by 5pm. I think that, on the whole, the jacket turned out wonderfully.

While I worked on the jacket, Partner headed down to the basement for more home improvement activities.

End of day tally: 1. South basement window installed complete!, 2. Silver lame bomber jacket complete, 3.  south/west fence mostly complete (more to follow, I’m sure).