Hawai’i 2017 – Day 3

Today was Sunday we were headed to the Swap Meet around the Aloha Bowl.  This was another day of shopping for family and friends back home.  The first booth in there were charms (the old fashioned kind) and anklets.  My charm bracelet back home was getting pretty full.  With the great prices, I couldn’t pass up a chance to pick up a new charm for my bracelet and while I was at it I picked up an anklet.  My ankle was too big for it so I wear it like a really loose bracelet.  The charm I got was a turtle, because we were going to go on a turtle snorkel later in the week. We continued to shop until we couldn’t shop anymore due to lack of sustenance. Lucky for us we were at one of the ‘cross roads’ that took us straight to the center of the Swap Meet, where the food sellers were.  I should mention that the swap meet is set up in several concentric circles around the Aloha Bowl.  After eating we went right back to shopping.  By the time we were all ready to leave, we had not even made it completely around the outside circle.  My favorite purchase was the matching family outfits that I got for my son’s family.

From the swap meet we headed for the Dole plantation with promises of Dole Whip pineapple ice cream.  YUUUUUMMMMMMM.

I was determined to pick up some kukuwi nut oil.  I love what it does for my skin.  As we entered the gift shop a lady gave me a key to a “treasure” box.  It did not unlock the box, but I got  a coupon for 40% off an oyster.  I went for it.  My oyster presented me with a lavender pearl.  I had it set on a cuff style slide to add to my bracelet.  Because I had it set, I was gifted with another oyster.  The second oyster had two lavender pearls.  They were the same size, the lady helper  called them “the twins”.  I had them drilled for setting but brought them home for Partner to choose the setting later, maybe as an anniversary gift.  When we had dinner with Krista, she had mentioned the pineapple candy and referred to it as “candy crack”.  We made sure to pick up some of this and there was also pineapple gummy bears for Partner.  Finished with our shopping we lined up for our Dole Whip.  Lori, Tara and I just had the Dole Whip.  The rest of the party had another meal.  I don’t remember if they had any Dole Whip.  I hope so, can’t get that back here at home.  We took some time to walk through the specimen garden and feed the fish in the coy pond.  It is mind-boggling just how many different kinds of pineapples there are and I am pretty sure that we only saw a small sample of varieties that there are.

There were also these beautiful rainbow gum trees.

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I wondered about finding some of this wood to take back to FIL as a gift.

Lori’s favorite tree was the Cook pine.  Before long we were back in the van and headed to our next destination, the shrimp trucks.  Lori, Tara and I stayed in the van while the rest of the group stood in the extremely long line.  I just couldn’t eat anymore!  The van was on and the a/c was on, it was not a hardship. After awhile, Lori hopped out and went to the shaved ice hut.  She brought it back to the van and gave me a taste.  It was yummy and like nothing that I had ever had before.  It was a soft, fruity and creamy taste.  It looked like cotton candy made from ice.  So, not like sno-cone ice at all.  After a long while the shrimp buyers came back to the van with their booty.  We headed back to the hotel and everyone got out except Lori and I.  We were headed back to Tiffany’s  to pick up her now cleaned and polished ring.  We decided that we didn’t need to walk both ways today.  By the time that we got back to the hotel we were more than ready to eat our afternoon meal.  We headed down to the snack bar, between the pool and barefoot bar.  By this time Lori was ready for her nap (she was still on South Carolina time).

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Tara and I headed for the pool.  The water was too cold for swimming, so we laid out and soaked up some sunshine. When the sun began to go down, it was time to head for the bare foot bar.  The whole group was together again to listen to the live music of Tim Rose.  He played and sang many cover songs.  He was really good.  Over the course of his performance he told us that he was going to cut his first record soon.

His momma was also there.  She must be his biggest fan.  She was so proud of him, telling us all about him.  She even went up and put tips in her jar.


The way that she loves her son reminded me of the way that I love my son.


It was a good day.