Hawai’i 2017 – Day 5

Today didn’t start out as fun as other days on this trip. Lori awoke not feeling well.  We were sitting out on the lenai, talking, and she was telling me about her symptoms.  Her throat was scratchy, one of her eyes was swollen and then I mentioned that she was scratching.  We all concluded that she was having an allergic reaction to the aerosolized seafood that had been in the air at the luau last night.  Tara had some Benadryl, and Lori took that and went back to bed.  Poor Friend!  Tara and I then went on a mission to buy the wet suit tops that said were required for the zip line excursion that we were scheduled to go on later.  Tara didn’t feel that she needed one, but she was buying for Lori, who couldn’t go.  The walk was a nice one

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and it took us to a swanky shopping area.  These shops were WAY above my means.  I thought, for awhile, that we were in the wrong area to find a surf shop, but then we saw it… Rip Curl.  After explaining to the shop girl what we were after, she said that we might be happier with ‘rash guard’ tops.   So that is what we got.  I knew that I could use mine again under my motorcycle riding gear, so I got a two-fer. By the time that we got back to the room, it was noon.  Tara and I  kicked Lori out of bed to get ready to go to Kuolua Ranch for zip-lining. We were running with a narrow time margin.  Lucky for us we got a parking space right up front.  We hopped out and hurried up the hill.  When we checked in, we found that we actually had 1/2 hour before the bus would take us up the hill to the zip-line. If you have never been to the ranch, you should go.  it is amazingly beautiful.  Many movies have been filmed there and there were two new movie sets being built.  It is on my list of places to go back to.  Our bus driver was wonderful.  Her name was Kat and she was very knowledgeable about the ranch.  The road up to the zip-line area was really bumpy.  On the way up we passed by the remains of the first sugar processing plant that had been built on the island.  (I don’t have many pictures of this part of our trip.  Our phones kept draining really quickly and mine was dead-dead-dead.  Also, on the bumpy ride up the hill we drove through the herds of Black Angus cattle that the ranch keeps.  One bull got very close to the bus.  I think he was wondering why we were getting in his way.  At the end of the ride we met our 3 tour guides, Ashley, Cory and Jessica.  Jessica grew up in Vancouver, WA., again the world proves to be very small.  The guides helped to get us into our harnesses.  We were still confused about why we need to have a wet suit top.  We also realized that the swimsuits were a poor choice.  It would have been much more comfortable to wear something like short or pants with a little leg to them.  Oh well, live and learn.  We met our photographer too, her name was Kim.  She explained how the photos worked, but I figured out later that I hadn’t paid any attention.  To get to our first zip-line platform we had to “hike” up a small but steep gravel trail.  Somewhere behind Lori and I, we heard a kerfuffle. When Tara got up to the platform, she told us that the older gentleman with our group had fallen off the gravel trail and into the bushes and had to be pulled back out and righted.  Then, we were worried that he’d not be able to make the rest of the zip-lines without issue.  The zip-lines were a BLAST!  There were 7 lines in total.  They were various lengths and some lines were faster than others.  One line was so long that we had to tuck up as tight as possible in a “coconut” to be able to gain enough speed to make it to the platform at the other end.  One of zip-lines was short and really fast.    We were required to do that one backwards, so that the guides could slow us down safely.  My favorite zip-line was the one where they gave each of us a kakuwi nut to throw into a metal bucket as we passed over.  We had to bet our zip-line partner something before we headed out.  I bet Lori that if I made it she had to come to Oregon and take the Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety course.  She bet me that if she made it I would get her a Basenji puppy.  Neither of us made it.  The part of this day that I really didn’t like was the rope and board bridges.  They wiggle and shake and it is all I can do to go out on them and make it across.  I did it though. Although, I wouldn’t say that I approached anything near calling my attempt a brave one. Our bus driver for the ride back down the hill was Kat again.  😀    Since we were the last zip-line of the day, the guides and the photographer rode down with us.  I don’t remember what others were doing with their day and evening.  On the way back to the hotel we all kept an eye open for a gas station, the van was nearly empty.  We never saw one.  We headed to dinner at Bibas, one of the restaurants in the hotel lobby.  The service was lacking but the food was really good!

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Off to bed we went.