Hawai’i 2017 – Day 6

Tara got up early, as usual, and went with Jen back to the swap-meet at the Aloha bowl. Lori and I chose not to go, we had made all the purchases from there that we needed on this trip. Besides, Lori had a conference call with her work. I had Lori try on her beach PJ’s so I could sew on the closures. It was a perfect day for it being workbasket Wednesday after all. It was fun being there for the conference call. I finally got to “meet” some of the ladies at Lori’s work. I can’t wait to meet them in really life. Hopefully some time soon. This was the day that the maid FINALLY made it in to change the sheets and make the beds. We were running low on bathroom tissue as well. After the conference call we went to the small exchange in the lobby of the hotel to look for a disposable underwater camera to use during the turtle reef snorkeling trip. The only one we could find was a digital one. I bought one and Lori did not. She made the better choice. Not only did the camera need time to charge, but it also needed a memory card and didn’t even come with any instructions. I gave up, sheesh. We hurried over to the Hawaiian Hilton Hotel. It was the next hotel up the beach. I thought that we had needed to be there at 11:15am. After asking directions from a helpful person we were told “just over there at the tan beach umbrella”. We went over to the tan umbrella. The umbrella was collapsed and no one was at the little stand. We stood around looking at each other awhile before I double checked the ticket information. Oops. We were supposed to be there at 13:15 or 1:30pm. OK, then. We had plenty of time to kill. What do you think that we would do with so much time to kill? Yes, we went shopping. Actually we got directions to the nearest nail salon, Lori needed to have hers redone. The directions were not very good so we stopped in a store and asked a lady. She told us that there WAS a salon on the top floor of the hotel but that they were expensive and “not that good”. She gave us new directions to another salon that was close by. As we walked to the salon we were passed on the sidewalk by the host-guy from the IHOP. As he passed us, he turned and said (in a seemingly imitation of Spicoli from the 1982 movie “Fast times at Ridgemont High” voice) “Heh, the two Lori’s”. This made us bust up laughing. When we reached the salon, Lori made an appointment for later in the day. She decided that Tara would go on the turtle reef snorkel with me instead. She didn’t want to have her nails done and then mess them up on the snorkel. On the way back to our hotel we passed by a little store that had the cutest little doggie Aloha dresses. We stopped in there and I picked up a dress for Pixie and a matching Aloha shirt for Walther. They were on sale, lol. They were supposed to be 30% off. The ancient lady helping us musta used her ‘new math’ skills because I think she added 30%. She seemed confused enough that I wasn’t willing to challenge her. I was scared that we would be there all day. 

We called Tara and arranged to meet her for brunch at a nearby diner.  Someone had mentioned that they had eaten there and they thought it was good, so we thought we’d give it a try.  My sandwich was good, but the pineapple fruit dish was odd.  Some of the fruit had been soaked in something to keep it from browning.  The flavor was changed and that fruit became tangy, almost as if it had gotten over ripe and had started to ferment.  Not my favorite, but at least there was no brown fruit.

Tara and I managed to make it to the snorkeling check in on time.  We were excited to do this.  There was a little bit of a wait while the whole group arrived and checked in.  When directed, we headed over to the sail boat, had our shoes confiscated, got our safety lecture, life vests, snorkels and masks.

Then the boat took us out to where we were to snorkel.  Also on the boat was a rather large group of mostly young girls.  They had come from Australia to compete in the cheerleader competition.  They had come in 6th.  I thought that was pretty good! Once the boat got close to the turtle reef, the boat dropped anchor and they handed us our flippers.  Then we put them on and slid into the water.  It was cold water.  It was choppy water.  I had a really hard time getting my breathing under control and putting my face in the water.  I felt like a little kid at my first swim lesson.  This was very odd because I HAD gone snorkeling before.  I think the difference was in the fact that the water wasn’t smooth and I couldn’t touch the bottom. Also, just before I put on my mask, they told me to take off my “sunglasses”.  They are my regular glasses. They offered prescription masks, but my eyes aren’t the same.  One is bad and one is really bad.  I decided just to try it with the regular masks.  Tara and I bravely started off towards the other snorkelers.  I finally relaxed enough that I could put my face down in the water.  I just floated on the top of the water looking down into the green water.  I didn’t see anything.  Maaaybeee, I saw some shadows, but certainly not turtles.  When I looked up again, I had floated way off from the group and Tara was headed back to the boat.  I put my face back into the water and followed Tara as fast as I could use my flippers. 

We were both pretty winded by the time we got back to the boat.  One of the boat helpers asked if we were ready for a drink?  We both said, “YES”!  When he asked what we wanted, Tara told him, “something strong”.  I don’t know what he made us, but it started with two kinds of rum and was delicious.  We lolled about on the front deck and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather. After snorkeling, Tara was done.  She went up to the room to rest.


Lori, Jen, Missi & Dave and I went for a walk down the beach to find a ‘Happy Hour’. I am not sure where we were headed.  We walked and walked and walked some more.

We stopped and asked directions, twice.  Eventually we stopped at a bar on the beach.  One $16 drink later and we were on our way (if the prices aren’t listed, I should ask).  We ended up back at the Shore Bird restaurant, the one that we had karaoked at earlier in the week. We met up with Monique and BJ there.  The lighting was really bad.  we had to use the flashlight app on cel phones to be able to read the menus.   There was a full salad bar included in the price of each meal.  Because of Lori’s seafood allergy, the restaurant had the chef come out and take her through the salad bar to make sure that she only chose safe foods.  The chef also prepared her steak for her.  The rest of the steaks were brought to the table raw.  The waiter gave us the cooking instructions for each done-ness that was wanted.  Then the meat was taken to the large grill and the customers were to grill their own meet.  Monique and BJ grilled my meet for me so that I could stay with Lori at the table.  Dinner was pretty good.  Lori and I headed back to the hotel after dinner.  We were tired.   The rest of the group stayed for more karaoke.  Apparently there were many Japanese singers that night.  I’m glad we didn’t lose sleep for that.  lol.