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Hawai’i 2017 – Day 7 – Red Nose Day!




This was another day that started in the Starbucks line.  While Tara and I were waiting for our chosen hit of caffeine, a really sweet man walked up, got in line behind us and began a conversation. In talking to him, we learned that he is a bus driver for the Polynesian Cultural Center.  He told us that there would be a bus later that day, that take people from the hotels to the Center and then back again.  When you get your tickets to the cultural center, they are good for 3 days.  Tara and I decided that it would be fun to  go back to the Center this afternoon.  There wasn’t anything else planned, so we figured ‘why not’? After getting our coffee of choice, we headed back up to the room and got into our swim suits.  We planned to head to the pool and then onto the beach.  Our most important fashion accessory of the day was our red noses. Lori had bought each of us red noses, so that we could celebrate Red Nose Day and bring awareness to the cause.  Red noses and swim suits on, Tara and I headed down to the pool.  Lori headed to have her massage.

The water in the pool was shockingly cold, at first plunge.  It quickly felt tolerable.  I paddled around for awhile and visited with other paddlers.

The morning air was warm and sunny.  A really nice day to wander over to the beach.  This was really the only time this whole week that I took time to lounge on the beach.  We also took time for beach photo fun.

Once we got a message from Lori, saying she was done with her message, we headed back up to the room for swimsuit covers and onto breakfast.  For breakfast, us 3 musketeers went to the nearby restaurant of KoKos for the breakfast buffet.  We did have a discussion of what possible names for all the possible meals eaten during the day.  Full meals… not snacks.  Those would be additional.  Suggested  names included: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Linner, Dinner, and Supper.  What do you think?  After breakfast, Lori headed back up to the room for some leisure time.  Tara and I went to wait for the bus to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  We wanted to be a little early to make sure that we didn’t miss the bus.  As we were sitting on the bench waiting, we struck up a conversation with an older (older than us, everything is relative) lady that was also sitting on the bench.

Resized_20170525_140924She was waiting for a ride also, just not to the Cultural Center.  She started out by introducing herself as a ‘famous guy’s mom’.  She shared with us a note card of one of the photos that her son took.  As we continued talking with her, we learned that she was also well known in certain circles.  She teaches how to talk with English speaking patients, especially the elderly ones, to Japanese doctors. When her van pulled up, the license plate said “SENSEI”.  She smiled conspiratorially  and pointed it out.  She said, “that means ‘teacher’ in Japanese”.  Then she got into the passenger seat and was gone. By this time, it was a ways past the scheduled pick up time for the bus to the Cultural center.  Tara called only to find out that if we had wanted to have the bus pick us up, we would have had to purchase a different package.  Oh well.  Tara suggested that we walk down to the WWI memorial.  I said, “YES!”  I had read a couple of articles regarding this memorial and was excited to actually see it in person.  The walk was about 1.5 miles one way, completely do-able.  Besides, I needed the steps for the step challenge I was in with my brother.  We stared off along the beach, but didn’t stay on the actual beach the whole way.  The ‘King Tides’ were definitely in evidence. The ‘King Tides’ are the two times a year that they are at their highest and lowest levels.


We wanted to keep our shoes relatively dry for the walk. So, we headed a little bit away from the beach to the sidewalk.  At various times on our walk, I would use the Marco Polo app to share the walk with my son and grandsons back home.  The foliage, the beach, the ocean, etc.  All along the beach area there are statues and historical information signs.  It is really neat!

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There are also, many HUGE banyan trees.  They are amazing to me.  They look like they would make a good shelter.  I tried to get pictures that would show just how large they were.  I am not sure that I really succeeded. 20170525_16403120170525_164136

The walk through the park and along the seawall was fun. We weren’t in a hurry to get to the Natatorium.  We enjoyed people watching, talking about our families back home and the things that we saw as we walked along.  Sadly, I didn’t get pictures of the Natatorium.  I was too busy Maro Polo-ing my son the whole experience and forgot to take stills.  It would be a sad day if they tear it down instead of restoring it as a living WWI memorial.

Our walk back to the hotel was equally as fun and interesting.  We decided to leave the beach and head up to the shopping district.  I was glad that we did.  We stopped in a Christmas in Hawai’i type of store.  We spent a while in there checking out all the ornaments.  My original plan was to get ornaments for my son and his family.  Then I thought that it would probably have more meaning for them if they bought their own sometime in the future when they get a chance to go to Hawai’i for themselves.  From that store we stopped and got some Hawaiian shave ice.  It was super sweet, cold and yummy!  Off and on we wore our red noses.  We were asked many times what they were for.  We were only too glad to explain it to anyone who asked.  Spread the word people!

When we got back to the room, we found that Lori had taken a lazy day approach to her day.  She was lounging about eating ice cream, hot cheetos and other things that are bad for her.  Hey!  Isn’t that what vacations are for?

Round about dinner time we all met up, as a group, at the barefoot bar.  This was to be our last night together and we wanted to all have dinner together.

20170525_193130The plan was to eat at Duke’s.  This was also the night that Lori and I would wear our beach Pajamas. I love-loved the way that Lori’s silk ones moved as she walked.

Lori in her silk resort wear
mine are a little shear. I will be lining the legs for future wearing…

We all walked down to Duke’s together only to find that there was at least an hour wait.  We were already pretty hungry.  We were near to a Ruth’s Chris steak house so we wandered in and asked about the wait there.  We were seated right away.  This is Lori’s favorite steak house.  It wasn’t hard to figure out why.  The service was wonderful and the food was amazing.  (just make sure to bring your big-girl wallet with you when you eat there!)  Monique and BJ were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.  The waiter brought out strawberries flambé with “Happy Anniversary” written on the plate in chocolate.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day!