Hawai’i 2017 – Day 8 (final day)


Today started at 0630!  Lori and Tara leapt out of bed at the early hour of 0630 (granted it was 0630 Hawai’i time which is equal to 0930 at my home and 1230 at Lori and Tara’s home) and they started hopping around and packing.  I don’t think that I saw them move so quickly all week long.  I just laid there.  I had already started to acclimate to local time and I was TIRED!  They went and got coffee.  When they got back with my beverage of life, I crawled out from between the sheets and joined Lori on the lanai.  I was finally awake enough to start my final packing by 0800.  By 0852 I was done.

I said my final good-byes to Lori and Tara and hopped into the van with Monique and BJ to head to the airport.  Once there, I said my final good-byes to Monique and BJ too.  The security line was a slow one.  There were many people heading back from vacation to their real lives and I was cued up in line with them.

After finding my gate, I found something to eat and drink.  By this time I was VERY READY for nourishment.  The waitress informed me that it was a long wait (nearly an hour) for the food because the kitchen was so backed up.  I thanked her and ordered a salad with my beer.  I finished eating just before they called for the first boarding of the plane. Perfect timing.  The good thing about sitting clear back in the rear of the plane, is that you get to be towards the front of the boarding after special needs and first class.  The draw back is that you are the last to disembark after a LONG flight. I was glad to get into my seat and relax. My flight took me from Hawai’i to Seattle.

In Seattle I was to have a one hour layover before ending my journey in Portland.  Our flight was delayed an extra hour, due to not having a flight crew.  It gave me time to listen to audible (Home Fires: The Story of the Women’s Institute in the Second World War) and work on a new piece of embroidery.  Seemingly before I knew it, the flight crew arrived and we all boarded our flight for home.

Partner, Pixie and Walther were there to greet me.  I am very glad to be home and am looking forward to my NEXT vacation!