My new(old) love

20170623_064955.jpg For two years and more I have been lurking on craigslist for the perfect secretary desk of my dreams.  It had to be in good enough shape to be useful, because I plan to use it.  It had to have pretty details to delight my eyes.  It had to have the curved glass of yesterdays, still intact.  It had to have all this, be in my realm of easy travel AND fit into the limitations of my wallet.  Earlier this week, I found her!  It was love at first sight (of the photo of her) Due to difficulties of email issues on the seller’s end, I won the race to get her.  Last night Partner and I drove to Corvallis to pick her up.  Because I was in love, I didn’t think of things like measurements.  In my mind’s eye, she would fit between the wheel wells in the bed of the pickup while laying on her back.  We had wrapped her in blankets and cushioned her back with a thick quilt doubled over.  Laying there, she fit perfectly.  We could JUST close the tailgate.  Like I said, “a perfect fit”.  Her previous owner offered me to look at her other antiques that she had for sale.  I knew better than to even look.  Partner was already looking at me with a gimlet eye for dragging home another piece of bulky furniture…

With me glowing all over, we headed down into Albany.  I needed to pay up on my bribe of Cidici’s pizza that I had made to soften the blow of having to help me with the acquisition of my lovely new girl.  Cidici’s pizza is our all time favorite pizza.  We got the largest size to ensure that there would be some left over for snacking on the next day.  Partner chose “Cididi’s Favorite”.  It had pepperoni, mushrooms and jalapeños (among other things).  We decided to take it to go and we would eat it at home.  It would still be warm when we got back into Salem.  As we were taking all of our booty into the house, I realized that I did not have my handbag.  Upon calling Cidici’s I verified that I left it there.  They closed in about 40 minutes.  If I didn’t make it by then, they offered that they opened at 9am the next morning.  In a panic (I had quite a bit of cash in it as well as my debit card), I hurried out to my car to head back to Albany.  Partner and the little dogs came with me.  Partner brought the pizza, so we could eat while it was still warm.  He, very sweetly fed me while I drove.  The pizza was FABULOUS!!!  We decided it was OUR new favorite as well.  The quick drive down I-5 was uneventful and unexciting (thank goodness).  We made it with 2 minutes to spare.  Got my handbag (cash and cards all still intact), and headed home.  By the time that we got back home, it was 1/2 hour before bedtime.  No time to unveil my lovely new (old) lady.  I am looking forward to that this evening.  I am also looking forward to sharing her with you.