Late Holiday Post – Freedom from termites

Happy Fourth of July!  Our celebration of Freedom.  We were free to work on projects around the house that needed to be worked on.  Partner worked on the final removal and replacement of the termite damaged wood on the front of the house.  When I wasn’t needed to help with this process (and an interesting process it was too!), I worked on the never-ending process of blackberry vine removal and weeding of the back yard.

The front of the house with the termite damaged wood removed. We could peek down into the basement woodshop!

To be able to remove the old and damaged wood and facilitate being able to replace the new wood in the space, the house had to be jacked up.  Our neighbor across the street let us borrow his two house jacks.  Partner built a clever brace to use with the jacks.  The brace was put on top of the jacks.  We held it steady as we began jacking up the jacks, a little on one and then a little on the other until it was firmly held up against the bottom of the house.  Then as the house began to be lifted, it also began to make quiet creaking noises that were more than a little creepy.

Isn’t it lovely?! Modern measurements for this piece of wood are a little larger than old measurements. We had to remove the barest amount of wood along the long edge before we could install the new wood into this spot.

After the damaged wood had been removed and we were installing the new wood in it’s place we found that we needed to jack up the house a little further.  We came up with a procedure wherein that I would give the jacks a couple of pumps and then Partner would use the sledge hammer to give the new wood a couple of blows.  At one point I was pumping the jack (with slow and careful pumps) when Partner gave the wood a blow with the hammer.  In the basement, these blows were VERY LOUD, and without any warning it scared me.  I gave a loud shout.  Partner was startled by my shout and made sure that I was ok before we continued.  We came to a procedure in which I would give my two slow and careful pumps, back away a distance and shout, “that is two”.  Then partner would give a couple of wacks with the hammer before he would ask for more pumps of the house jacks.  We continued in this manner until the new wood was in place.  It looks wonderful!

Finally… a brand new window!

Perhaps, before too much time passes, I will be able to install the new window well of cottage stone.

As far as progress on the yard is concerned:

Much to grandson#1’s horror, I have been using the wading pool for my weed pulling endeavors
Now we can see the back patio from the fence between the front and back yards.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  While we were doing these projects I had also set bread dough to rise.  It was a newer sourdough recipe that I had tried one time before.  It takes MANY HOURS to rise enough to bake.  The first time that I had made it, I had let it rise over night as the recipe had suggested.  It had not been quite enough time.  So, I thought I would add some yeast to try and get it to rise a little faster.  As the day went on, I kept checking on the bread.  It was rising slowly over the day, right up until it sped up.  We ended up with a Frankenstein looking loaf. 20170704_191409

When I sliced the bread, it looked like a coffee cup.


It tasted wonderful!!!