Workbasket Wednesday – with helpers…

Sometimes it feels like I have to fight for time to work on projects.  There is always so many things that claim my time on a day-in and day-out basis. Then there are those moments where I collapse gratefully into the loveseat, ready for some deep-couch-sitting and needlework time.  Only to have my “helpers” join me.  So this is to be a quick update and little more. 20170710_21493720170710_21573520170710_215750

Walther and Pixie joined me in deep-couch-sitting time, immediately upon my spreading out my embroidery project to work on it.  They must have mistaken it for a blanket that I was spreading out for their relaxing comfort.  (silly me).

I finished the main body of the ‘pink lemonade’ baby blanket this past week.  Today I started on the pink border.  It is the same border that I made on the lavender/white baby blanket.  It was quick and simple to work up and sweet to look at.  It should go quickly. 20170712_090420

That being said, I also finished the lavender/white baby blanket including the dark blue border.  In fact, I finished it yesterday.  I just have to work in the two loose ends and it will be ready for washing and giving to my friend in anticipation of her son’s arrival. 20170712_064430

The blue/green/multi baby blanket continues to get it’s light blue border.  I have been working on it only at our knitting group evenings on Wednesdays.  I have only 1.25 sides to finish.  I am VERY pleased with the way that it is looking. 20170712_071159

About a week ago, I finished the repairs on a knitted garment for a co-worker.  I am pleased with the repair, but sad that I couldn’t save the length that I had to remove to do the repair.  The repair was fiddly and time consuming.  I am glad that it is finished and I was able to return her garment to her. 20170707_064520My pet project is my charm quilt.  It will be made up of 2″ squares of fabrics that I have collected as I go along.  The plan is that none of the squares of fabric will repeat.  While cleaning the sewing room, I came across 3 different containers with squares in them.  I combined all the containers into one and then started the process of piecing them together.  (I had started this project many years ago, and thought that I should actually make some progress) I had enough squares to make 3 full strips of squares the width of my king sized bed top. I want the bed top to be on the square and the drop of the quilt to have the squares on point.  Last night I started to sew two of the strips together.  Every journey begins will small steps… 20170712_064504