Workbasket Wednesday – A trio of baby blankets finished!

20170727_063433After Weeks and weeks of working on this trio of baby blankets, a little here and a little there, they are finally finished.  Well… almost finished.  I need to weave in the loose ends and give them all a gentle wash, then they will be ready for gifting.  I am happy.  Now I will look around and find the next knitting project to start, or maybe a crochet project…  oh, the possibilities!


The first four rows are done on my king sized charm quilt.  It is waiting for more 2″ squares to be cut before I can proceed.  I am thinking that it will make a cute curtain for the grandsons’ loft bed as I continue to work on it.


Sorry about the quality of these photos, I took them quickly as I was leaving this morning.  I wanted to show you the state of my sewing room at the moment.  I have decided to get all of the Ruby McKim flower basket blocks ready to embroider.  That way it won’t be a question of having to drag out all the fabric and supplies each time I am ready to start a new block.  They will be stashed in their project container ready to be worked on.  I have already finished 4 of the 32 blocks.  In August we are to receive the remaining blocks.


Here are four of the blocks that are ready to go into the project container for future sewing.

I also have another portable stitching project that I am working on, but I forgot to bring it with me today. I will have to take a picture of the progress and show you next week.

Until then…