Workbasket Wednesday –

Getting stuck right in to my workbasket, I picked up my Hawai’ian quilting project only to realize that I probably should have appliqued the design to the white fabric before basting the whole “sandwich” together.  I double checked by googling and then U-tubing the topic at hand.  Sure enough…  I had started out all wrong.  I removed the initial basting and the small area that I had already needle turned.  Time to start over.

Undone and restarted…

Only a week later and I have gotten quite a ways!  It is amazing how much easier it is when you: 1) read the instructions; and 2) get a little help from someone that has done it (via U-Tube this time).


This is the picture on the front of this quilting kit.

Nearly done with the applique step
It is easier to see the progress from the back side of the project. I still need to finish the last frond in the upper right corner

Wonderful Weekend – busy

This last, past, weekend was wonderful – but busy. Partner was gone to The Dalles for a teaching weekend away.  I was teaching in McMinnville on Saturday, so I could not go along with him.  We are also babysitting one of Pixie’s sons for two weeks.  So, that would make it more difficult to either travel with the dogs or drop them off for someone else to watch.  Friday was the end of the recent rainy stretch and Saturday started a little drier weather week.  When I awoke on Saturday it was overcast and kinda cold.  This discouraged me from heading outside to do yard work.  That wouldn’t be a problem because there was plenty of chores to do in the house.  I had a few hours before I needed to head to McMinnville for my teaching assignment.  I had recently had to less-than-successful attempts at bread making.  Same old recipe, sad results, twice. I put out more dough and tried again.  Much better results this time!  I do enjoy my piece of sourdough toast with my morning coffee.

The drive out to McMinnville was wonderful!  The roads had been freshly paved since the last time I had driven this way.  The sunshine peeped out from behind the clouds.  It was enchanting!  When I got to the range, I suddenly realised that I was 1.5 hours early.  Directly after realizing that, I remembered that there was a JoAnn’s fabric store, even within walking distance of the range!  Whoo-hoo!!  I had only been able to purchase 4 yards of the blue cotton/linen blend that I will be making into a walking suit.  I had planned on using white cotton/linen blend for the remainder of the needed fabric.  Now, I could get 3.5 more yards of the blue, if they still had some.  They did!  And, it was on sale…  I grabbed the fabric, pulled a number for the cutting table and began waiting my turn.  My eyes fell on some ‘fur’ trim.  Then my fingers reached out and stroked the trim, faux chinchilla.  mmmmmm…  nice.  I threw that on the pile too.  I plan on using it on trim for a winter coat, or maybe a muff.  We will have to see.

Son called me while I was teaching and I called him back on my way home.  He and his wife asked if I could watch the grandsons while they went out to a movie.  “YES!”  I like it when the grand babies come over to play with me.  As soon as the parents left, oldest grandson got a sneaky smile on his face and said, “Tahpa (grandpa) can find Paw Patrol”.  sigh.  I lucked out though, it was evening AND Paw Patrol would be on directly after Peppa Pig. I got some Shawshaw (grandma) points for that. We had mac’n’cheese with hotdogs for dinner.  I had enough frozen cookie dough to make exactly 3 cookies, so we each had one fresh baked cookie.  Then into the bath, slathered with lotion and snuggle time on the sofa.

Sunday I hit the ground running.  I needed to finish some chores before Partner came home.  Vacuumed, changed sheets, made 2 batches of frozen cookie dough, washed countless loads of laundry (also putting it away – which doesn’t usually happen right away), cleaned out the ashes from the fire place (they were higher than the grate!), made two batches of powdered laundry soap, cleaned the stairs to the basement and many other little chores that needed to be done.  Still… there were things that didn’t get finished.  Job security, I suppose.

Usually, on Sundays, we meet at our house and partner makes homemade pizzas.  This week I was the only one home, even cousin Amy & Jason were out of town.  It made more since for me to go over to Son’s house for dinner.  I stopped at the store on the way over and picked up fruit for a fresh fruit salad.  Son had Treaggered pork ribs. Dinner was wonderful.  Visiting with Son and his family was wonderful.

Traffic was a little hairy for Partner, he got home about 8:30pm.  Everyone is in their place, all snug.

This weekend was wonderful.


My Chickens

We don’t have a coop or a hen house or any thing like that… at the moment.  But I like the idea of chickens.  My son and his family have chickens.  They provide us with eggs of many colors.  We have been in this new (to us) house for just over a year.  We have talked about getting our own chickens, at some point, in the future.  For now I have the lovely chickens that my Auntie Elaine makes for me.  I usually think of them as my lovely ladies, but I do have a cockerel as well.  Let me introduce them to you…

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