What we have been up to as of late…

Since I have been very delinquent in my blogging, you may be tempted to believe that I have fallen off the face of the earth.  But, this belief would be in error.  I have been a busy-busy girl.  The summers are super busy with teaching and the celebration of family birthdays.  Then there is the ongoing house projects that seem to grow into larger than we imagined to start with.  Then there is the ‘me’ time that I selfishly like to indulge in (imagine that!). So, this won’t be too  in-depth, but it should catch us up to present.

Walther feeling puny after having his teeth cleaned the day before

In case you live under a rock, there was a full eclipse.  We went outside and watched the process.  The most amazing thing was the rippling shadows on the ground right before and after totality!

My coworker tries on the eclipse glasses before the big day

Some time between the last time we visited and now, our street was re-paved.  It has been wonderful!  A couple of Thursdays ago, they finally got around to re-paving the cross street as well.  Us in the neighborhood are feeling quite posh lately.

Speaking of Thursdays, I have been taking the last four off to watch the grandsons.  It has been fun but also tiring.  We have done super fun things like push the boys around the back yard in the wheel barrows, go through the car wash, dig in the dirt, play in the playhouse, go to the local elementary school and play with the older children in the summer program, eat popsicles, color, eat snacks, have sweet treats, bake cookies, bake bread, take naps, pick up dog poo, trim black berries, pick blueberries, watch the garbage truck, watch “toons”, watch the paving guys, etc.  I am sure that the list is more extensive, but as a grandma I can’t be expected to remember everything…

Pixie let Walther ride Pillion (bitch…lol)

I haven’t had time, or the inclination really, with the heat and all the smoke in the valley the last couple of weeks to take Pixie out for a ride.  But I did let the dogs sit on the moto as I pushed it out of the garage one weekend day as I prepared to leave to teach.  It will have to be enough for the time being.

A smokey sunrise

The smoke is pretty awful to breath, even Pixie has been sneezing her cute little head off.  But, the smoke makes for lovely sun and moon rises.  My cellphone camera can never do it justice.

The vinyl siding originally on the house


What was under the vinyl siding
The hardi-plank siding in the process of going up

And finally we get to the house.  Partner has been working on some interior projects when he has had tine here and there.  It has been so darn hot outside that being inside with the A/C has been preferable.  This is also why I haven’t made much progress on the yard.  Partner has managed to get some of the siding up on the front of the house where we had to take it down thanks to the termite damage that we had found when trying to start a much smaller project, a little earlier this year.  This upcoming weekend is a holiday weekend and therefore we have one extra day to work on home projects (whoo-hoo!).  It is also Partner’s birthday weekend, so we should do something special for such a wonderful man.  We also have plans to go to the fair, drive the route of Partner’s Old Glory run, dinner with the folks, and a memorial ride for a friend’s wife.  Hopefully we will have ‘Finished’ pictures of the siding and perhaps some progress on the yard.


Stay tuned my friends…