Workbasket Wednesday – A week of mending.

One of the things that I enjoy about weekends is the fresh sheets.  I can’t claim to enjoy the actual changing of the sheets or the laundering of the sheets.  But, I LOVE climbing into the bed onto clean sheets!  So, with that in mind I was putting clean sheets on the bed.  I had gotten as far as the fitted sheet and had to stop.  I couldn’t find the flat sheet anywhere. It wasn’t in the laundry basket from last week’s laundry (where I found the fitted sheets and the pillow cases).  It wasn’t in the laundry room or the linen closet.  Then I remembered that I had been mending the one side seam that had come undone.  I hadn’t finished it and it had fallen to the side of the chair in the living room, there to be forgotten until now.  I took the time to sit down and finish slip stitching the seam back together, in between loads of laundry.  After completing the mend, I put it on my bed.  It was wonderful at bedtime!  (heavenly sigh inserted here)

The next mend that needed tending to was the crocheted blanket that Partner’s mom had made for me.  Occasionally the yarn that attaches the blocks together starts to unravel.  I just need to take the time to put them back together.  My preferred method is to use the single crochet and seam up the rent in the blanket.  It is a quick and fairly sturdy fix.  It was fixed in time for bed time.  This is most important because, in spite of the fact that it is MY blanket, Pixie-Roo-Who had claimed this blanket as her’s several years ago.  She would not dream of going ‘night-night’ without ‘her’ blankie.

To my early 1900’s reproduction corset cover and my reproduction combination I added beading lace to the necklines.  this will enable me to snug up the necklines and stop them from slipping from my shoulders while wearing them.

Many years ago I made a renaissance working shirt for my son.  His puppy tore and ripped some of the hem.  While going through boxes I located the shirt that Son had given back to me for repairs.  I repaired the shirt and it is awaiting return to Son.

I think that wraps up all my humble repairs from my work basket.  Until next week then…

PS(I promise to be back on time next week)