Wonderful Weekend – Hot and Smokey

As with every evening, the “beep” of the time clock signals my life to begin and in this case a long holiday weekend. Some time ago, while Partner was out of town on a teaching assignment, I re-did the fence between the front and back yards.  I managed to strip out more than a few screws and grind down two drill bits.  I also installed the fence boards nice and tight with no room for Winter-time swelling due to moisture. I replaced the drill bits before Partner got home that weekend.  Ever since that weekend, I have been promising or threatening (depending on how you see it) to take the boards back down and do it over more correctly.  Before I begin photos:

This weekend was to be THE weekend.  On Friday night I found the corded drill right where Partner said it was.  I started to take down the boards.  I got most of them down before I ran into a screw that was too badly stripped out. Partner showed me how to back it out with a pair of pliers.  Not fast and not fun, but it did work!  Partner was outside in the front yard also, as he was putting up siding.  So, he was near to be able to help me trouble shoot any problems that I was having.  At some point I looked up and saw Miss. Pixie on the wrong side of the deck fencing (a project for a later date).

Pixie being naugty

She was being very naughty, but JUST wanted to keep an eye on her momma (me).  I managed to get the two bottom boards back up, reasonably level before we started to loose the light.

Picture taken the next morning when the light is good.  notice the large gap under the bottom board of the fence.  This was by design.

The next morning (Saturday) started off at “The Kitchen” downtown Salem.  I am pretty sure that everything there is super yummy.  I had the salmon omelet and Partner had the Texicali omelet. We both had VERY LARGE cups of coffee!

At “The Kitchen”

The weather was still pleasantly cool-ish with not much smoke in the air from the forest fires, so we decided to sit outside. Breakfast was amazing and over-filling.  We were certainly charged up and ready to head over to the Oregon State Fair.

We wanted to get to the fair as close to opening time. That way there would be smaller crowds and the heat wouldn’t be so hot earlier in the day.  My favorite is the craft pavilion.  That is where we started.  There were soooooo many wonderful things to see.  At one point I was admiring a quilt that had won a first prize blue ribbon when I looked over at the tag to read about it.  That is when I discovered that I KNEW the lady that made the quilt!  Congratulations Christine Linder-Skatch!  From here we headed over to the small animals in the poultry building.  We admired ducks, pheasants, chickens and rabbits (some of which were HUGE!). Then we wandered to the barns with the larger animals.  As we were walking up to the barn, a line of milk cows were headed into the ring for confirmation showing.  Their udders were so full that they were painful to look at.  Upon entering the barn we were greeted by a lovely big-eyed Jersey cow.  They are my favorite cows because I think they have the most beautiful faces. The Shire horses all still as big and majestic as they always are.  They were even more impressive this day, as they were being fancied up for the show ring.  They had large leather and silver collars and harnesses on as they patiently stood to have their tail and manes braided with red and white ribbons. Next on our list was the pigs.  They are so very interesting. Partner has had pigs, in the past, while he was growing up.  So, I had my resident expert with me that I could ask questions of.  We spent quite a while with the pigs before moving on to the goats.  We really liked the pigmy goats, they are too cute.  The goats with hardly any ears are strange looking, to me.  From the goats to the llamas.  We walked up to one pen and the llama had her ears forward and appeared to be listening as I talked to her.  Then she looked at Partner… apparently she didn’t like his sun glasses or his hat or both.  She laid her ears back and started moving her mouth in a funny way.  It was almost as if she was working up a large llama loogie.  We decided it was time to move along.  By this time the crowds and the heat were beginning to get to both of us, it was time to leave.  We headed home to pick up the two wee doggies and headed South to drive Partner’s Old Glory Relay team route for this year.

They will be starting at the Capital mall in Salem on September 14th.  Their route will head South through Albany, Junction City and end (72 miles in total) in Eugene.  If you aren’t familiar with the Old Glory Relay, Team Red White and Blue move the flag across the country by runner or biker each year.  It is an amazing undertaking and can be followed online.  By the time that we finished driving the route and were headed back home it was dinner time.  We stopped in Albany and picked up a large Cidici’s  favorite pizza.  They are our favorite pizzeria and that pizza is also our current favorite. I do recommend washing your hands before touching your eyes after you have been eating it though.  Jalapeño oils in your eye… not so nice.


The next morning’s (Sunday) agenda called for installation of a new front door. Partner let me pick it out and I didn’t even want the most expensive one!  We first breakfasted at Acme café.  Then we dropped the big dog off at Wilco for grooming.  Then it was down to some serious work! For some reason, this door decided to fight him at every turn.  It was only made worse by the heat (especially with the door out and a gapping hole in the front of the house to let heat in and A/C out) and the smoke.

Enter a caption

While Partner was doing battle with the new front door, you may be wondering what I was doing with myself?  I was back at the fence.  By noon, I had gotten all the boards back up.  After giving it some thought, I decided that I liked the dog-eared boards to be every other one, just like the dog yard fence that sweetie had built for me some time ago.

boards up, need to work on closing the gap at the bottom

At some point I looked up and what did I see?

Enter a caption

Yep.  A very happy, but very naughty Pixie-roo.  I kept working to close the gap at the bottom of the fence, or in other words make the yard Pixie escape proof.  By the end of the day this is how far I had gotten:

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More significantly, this is how far Partner had gotten:

The camera angle is weird. The door is actually straight and level.
The beautiful window in the new door lets in a surprising amount of light.

At this point we stopped working and got ourselves cleaned up.  We were to met Partner’s folks for dinner to celebrate the anniversary of his birth.  We were surprised that they weren’t there already when we got there.  We waited about 15 minutes and then I asked him to call them.  Apparently they had left us a voicemail that his mother was sick and they would have to meet us at a later date.  He didn’t get the message until the evening of the next day.  We decided to go try a Hibachi restaurant that we hadn’t been to yet.  It was a lot of fun.  We each tried a different locally made sake and were pleasantly surprised.

Monday morning, Memorial day, Sweetie’s birthday we woke up to smoky skies and an amazing sunrise.  We didn’t want to start with the power tools too early for our neighbors’ listening enjoyment so we walked up to French Press with the little dogs for breakfast of crepes and COFFEE!

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Walther decided that he DOES NOT like crepes.  But that is entirely okay with Pixie, because she DOES!  On our walk home I spied these small leafed strawberry plants being used as ground cover.

Pixie kept trying to ‘photo bomb’ this picture. this was the one with the lease amount of dog head in the frame

Partner’s  goal for today was to get up siding.  Mine was to move rocks around.  We had until four PM to accomplish what we were planning to do before needing to clean up.  We worked and sweated all day.  At one point sweetie needed to hit a big box store and we also stopped for milkshakes.  It was a welcome indulgence! We still each have more to do, but I think we accomplished A LOT!

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We are both striving to get projects done before Oregon rains set in.  If we keep working steady, I am pretty sure that we will make it in plenty of time.  😀