Yard Update – backyard

Looking down into the backyard from the upper deck

From this view we are looking at the back of the fence that I just finished putting up again for the third time.  (LOL)  I will need to paint the stain/protectorant on the fence, probably this weekend some time. It is also a pretty good view of the “wall” of broken concrete pieced that I made under the fence to keep our dogs in our own backyard.  These pieces were pieces that I have dug up from around the yard, here and there.  I was pleased with myself to be reusing and recycling stuff that we already had.  The next two rock walls, down from the cement wall have been rebuilt.  They were originally there, in the yard but had seen some better days.  I dug out the rocks and replaced them.  This more firmly defined the three levels.  I have plans to take apart the bottom wall and do the same with that one as well.  Mostly so that I can dig out the stumps that are a part of the wall.  Plans for this area are as follows:

Uppermost area will be tayberries closest to the fence with blueberries nearest to the rocks.  The middle area will be huckleberries near the rocks.  I am toying with the idea of a small ‘patio’ area near the fence with a small square table with umbrella and a couple of chairs.  The lower area already has some salal plants.  I will be encouraging more and have yet to determine what other fruit bearing plant I will put in this area.

Yesterday I ordered, from One Green World, two huckleberry plants and a boysenberry vine.  I would have ordered more plants but they didn’t have what I wanted in stock.  I am on the waiting list for a black mulberry tree, a Blenheim apricot tree, blue elderberry bush, Tayberry vines, marionberry vines, thimbleberry bushes and  a Redhaven peach tree.  I would also like to put an espaliered apple tree on the south side of the outer garage, but will have to go to the actual place to pick it up.  This is only the beginning, of course!  😀

My next project is to figure out the stairs in this area.  Then it will be onto the East side of the outer garage to build the cinderblock wall for the hop growing area.  Partner will have to come up with the support system to ring the ‘strings’ for the hop vines to grow up in the spring.