House Update


20170907_064136As of Wednesday we have more progress on the siding on the front of the house and the trim around the windows.  Partner has been steadily making progress on this project.  I got to help out in the application of caulking to the seams.  Hoping to purchase  and apply paint for the siding and trim no later than this weekend.

front of house

I had gotten some of the trim painted by the time that we had gotten the paint.  Of course we had agreed on a color and then I changed the color the last second before we had Doug, at Ace Hardware, mix up the color that we were to have on the outside of our home.  😀  That is the way I roll… LOL.

Partner had purchased a paint sprayer for this job, the trim would be painted, by me, with a brush or a small roller. The trim would be white.  While I tidied up the house in preparation for our Sunday guests, Partner painted the trim with the chosen color. He was done lickity-split!


The “grey” trim will be white.  The grey color is the primer that the trim came in.  I will get to it soon.

After working steady on the front of the house, Partner rounded the corner to finish up the siding on the end of the house before heading back inside to work on the building out of the apartment.  He wasn’t able to finish the end of the house siding… he found more termites.



While he was working on the siding, on Saturday, I worked on moving rocks around and trimming vegetation.

Scrub Oak
Pink Dogwood


partially cleaned up flowerbed

That is as far as we have gotten…so far!!