Workbasket Wednesday – the best laid plans…

Argh!  I missed mentioning two projects that are in progress (and let’s face it, probably will be for quite some time).  There is my charm quilt project:

Charm quilt – up to 6 rows!
pile of ‘rows’ waiting to be added to the quilt

and my Hawai’ian quilting project:



This project was picked up for me by friend Lori while we were in Hawai’i, back in May.  Our plan was that I would finish it for her.  I finally made a start of it.  In the second picture, you can see where I have just started to work on the needle turn portion of this project.

(getting these photos was what held me up from making this post last week)

Since last post, I have made some progress on the charm quilt.  As I left the house on Wednesday morning I grabbed a picture:


12 rows with two waiting to be attached. I have been double checking and I do have two accidental repeats.  I will be covering them with a new piece of fabric.  One that isn’t a repeat.  Partner was closely questioning me regarding the “rules” of charm quilts.  He very carefully, almost didn’t show his doubt as to the feasibility of completing such a large (king sized) quilt from such small (2″) squares of fabric.  😀

OK…  Because I was delinquent in my workbasket post last week, I have made some progress (not much, but some).

2 more rows added to the charm quilt

This wasn’t super easy, like I imagined it would be.  It is pretty straight forward, match seams from the row that I am attaching to the seams from the row below.  Pin them and run it through the machine.  The first time through (oh, and I attached two rows before I realized this), and the seam matching was off by A LOT.  Too ugly to leave it.  I cut off both rows (one from the top and one from the bottom) and re-pinned them and THEN hand basted them on.  Then I ran them through the sewing machine again.  Got both rows back on and then checked them. UGLY AGAIN!  (boohoohoo)  Carefully I removed both of the rows again.  Then I remembered a U-tube video that I watched awhile ago.  I ironed the seam allowance folded over, as if it had been sewn.  Wielding my fabric glue and looking at the right side of both the fabric strips I attached the strip to the growing quilt.  This made it much easier to match the seams.  I will go back and sew the seams as well, but for now it is still just glued.

The birth of the next row…




Meanwhile, back at the ranch…  The postman brought me new patterns!  WHOO-HOO!  I am super excited about each of these projects.  For any of you that want to remind me of the statement that you may or may not of heard me say (“I will not start another project until I finish some of the unfinished ones that I have laying about”), please refrain from mentioning that now.

Fabric for my walking suit



The walking suit has been on my mind for a long while.  In fact, the plan is to do a Summer version and a Winter version.  The summer version is to be in a linen and a cotton blend.  I wanted it to be in this white striped blue fabric.  But… I waited too long to buy the fabric.  They only had a little over 4 yards left on the bolt.  I needed 7.5 yards.  But this is for the largest of the pattern sizes.  I am not planning on lining it, for the summer version.  With the coupons, discounts, and gift cards I managed to get over $80 of fabrics for just under $15.  (whoop-whoop)

baby blanket

I have been working on this off and on.  It isn’t for anyone in particular, it is a project that I started to have something to do.  I was between projects.  I have felt bad for not mentioning it before, but it is JUST a filler project.  But, I have been working on it and making some progress as time goes by.

Ok, now I am up to date with my Workbasket posts.  Sorry for the delay, I did miss you.  <3