My Chickens

We don’t have a coop or a hen house or any thing like that… at the moment.  But I like the idea of chickens.  My son and his family have chickens.  They provide us with eggs of many colors.  We have been in this new (to us) house for just over a year.  We have talked about getting our own chickens, at some point, in the future.  For now I have the lovely chickens that my Auntie Elaine makes for me.  I usually think of them as my lovely ladies, but I do have a cockerel as well.  Let me introduce them to you…

Miss HennyPenny


Miss HennyPenny was my first lady.  Beautiful red lady.  She surveys the living room from her ‘nest’ under the plant.


Henrietta is my working lady.  She is on the front porch holding various bulbs that I have come across when I have dug them up on accident while doing digging projects in the front yard.


Any hen house is better with a cockerel in residence.  Dandy is alternately known as “the big black cock” or (said as if crowing) “any-cock-will-do”.


My latest addition to my little flock.  She doesn’t have a name yet.  I would welcome suggestions.  I always look forward to my new chickens from my auntie.  She does an amazing job with the painting.  The colors and textures never cease to delight me.  I am always thankful for the time that she spent planning and painting each and every one.

Thank you my wonderful Auntie Elaine!