Workbasket Wednesday –

Getting stuck right in to my workbasket, I picked up my Hawai’ian quilting project only to realize that I probably should have appliqued the design to the white fabric before basting the whole “sandwich” together.  I double checked by googling and then U-tubing the topic at hand.  Sure enough…  I had started out all wrong.  I removed the initial basting and the small area that I had already needle turned.  Time to start over.

Undone and restarted…

Only a week later and I have gotten quite a ways!  It is amazing how much easier it is when you: 1) read the instructions; and 2) get a little help from someone that has done it (via U-Tube this time).


This is the picture on the front of this quilting kit.

Nearly done with the applique step
It is easier to see the progress from the back side of the project. I still need to finish the last frond in the upper right corner