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Yard Update

20171024_170258Things in the yard are going slowly, but they ARE going.  The rock wall is starting to go back up.  The decorative railing in the front yard has come down.  I have plans to repurpose this railing in the lower backyard.  Stay tuned for more info on that later.

Here is the railing enjoying it’s nap.  This next pic shows where the railing had been.

this is the “path” where the stairs were and will be located as the rock wall comes back together
The stair path looking from the side yard up to the front yard.  Also the rock pile that will put back into the reconstruction of the rock wall.
The Clematis vine that I came across as I was cleaning blackberry vines out of the flower bed, in the backyard, on the South side of the detached garage.
This looks like a mess, and it is. But it is also the future home of the hops vines. The current tenant is a lovely smelling rose that will be moving a little further South in the yard.
This is a photo of the Salal plants (center and right), and the Thimble berry plants (along the base of the second rock wall)
Logan berry vine leaning to the left.  When properly supported it will be supported on a hog fence on the right side, along the fence
Pixie is a good photography supervisor… just ask her.  😀
Here are the Huckleberries!  See them tucked in on either side of the Rhododendron?

Hope you enjoyed this update!

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Workbasket Wednesday – on time this week! :D


20171020_121032I saw this cool article about taking photos and blogging about Christmas gifts without giving anything away.  So, I can show you some TOP SECRET photos this week. Continue reading “Workbasket Wednesday – on time this week! :D”


Side-Front Yard progress

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As with most of my projects, this one started out as something much smaller.  In the center of the hill, there were stairs that went from the upper yard to the lower yard.  They had been made with railroad ties and were ROTTEN.  I pulled out the ties and was going to replace them.  Now that Fall is upon us, I really needed to get something done about them.  (I really should have taken a before photo)  There were all types of woody plants that were encroaching on the stair area that needed to be cut out and treated with crossbow, so they WOULD NOT grow back EVER.  Also some very pokey blackberry vines and some viney roses that had NO FRAGRANCE that needed to go as well.  As I traced many of these back to their roots (pun intended), I needed to move rocks out of my way to get at them. At some point I decided to just take down that wall and start over.  Sadly, this type of project is not a fast one.  I work on it when I have time and the weather permits. This isn’t the only yard project that has been SCREAMING for my attention either.


I think that I have mentioned my plants that need to be planted.  They have been sitting around the breakfast nook for a couple of weeks now.  I keep them watered and talk nice to them.  I mail ordered them from ‘One Green World’. They are 2 evergreen huckleberry plants and a Loganberry vine.   OGW was out of Thimbleberry plants, but I found them online at Walmart.  I mail ordered of those too.  Out in the yard, in planters, were 4 blueberry plants (2 of ours and 2 of Parents-in-law).  My plan was to get all of them in the ground on Tuesday of this week.  I was successful in my plan for all but the blueberries.  I was unable to locate the furniture dolly to move the heavy pots.  Of course, Partner found it right away when he got home, but by that time it was dark out.   Before planting each type of plant, I looked it up online to make sure that they had the best chance of thriving (sun vs. shade).  I had planned to plant the huckleberries in full sun, but discovered that the bushes will do better in a shady location.  Glad I looked it up! I put them in amongst the Rhododendrons.  This freed up a prime planting location, which allowed me to change where I planned to put the blueberries.  I planted the Loganberry vine where originally planed to plant the Tayberry vine because I have a loganberry vine and I don’t have a Tayberry vine (OGW was sold out).  Because the Huckleberries went under the Rhodies, I had to find a new place for the Thimbleberries.  Guess what?!  They like a sunny location.  I had assumed that they liked more shade because of where I find them out in the wild when I pick them.  But the internet says that they do better with more sun.  They went in the location that I had first considered for the huckleberries.  I will see how the remaining Salal plants do and perhaps add some more of those this next spring (they were already there when we bought the house).