Work Basket Wednesday – catching up… again



BOM – Block one

Yes, yes, I know… I am behind – again.  So, here is an update on things that I have been working on.  Some with photos, some without.

September started the new year for Grandma’s Attic Block Of the Month program.  This year’s title is “Let them Eat Cake”.  There is the blocks (of course) in the colorways of our choice, the booklet of interesting historical info, the two cardstock pages of recipes/kitchen tips, and the embroidery.  All of this, each month, for only $10.  That would also include the door prizes, the snacks, the hot beverage (of choice), and the camaraderie. It is a BARGAIN at any price.  This year the colorways were designed that they might work together with a second colorway to make a quilt with 24 blocks instead of the usual 12.  I am doing two: Autumn Reverie and Autumn Solids)



2018 BOM – Blocks #1 completed
2018 BOM – Block #2


I have started working on some projects for Christmas as well.  For obvious reasons, I will not be posting photos of those here.  I currently have a quilt in progress, as a gift for a friend of mine.  I am diligently working on the Christmas gifts for the knitting group.  I have sleeves for a sweater in progress.  I have 3 sweaters yet to be started, but they should each be straight forward and easy enough to get done in time (9 weeks left you know…).


I have been making excellent progress on the Hawai’ian quilting project, but decided to take a little break from it for awhile.  My under fingers were quite raw and sore from the quilting process.  I ordered two Aunt Becky’s finger thingies.  I have one, somewhere, I just can’t find it.  I am sure that it will be quite in the open as soon as the new ones arrive.

close up of the front of the work



view of the back of the work