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Workbasket Wednesday – on time this week! :D


20171020_121032I saw this cool article about taking photos and blogging about Christmas gifts without giving anything away.  So, I can show you some TOP SECRET photos this week. The first photo is this fun crochet project that I have been working on.  It is colorful and informational for me.  I have to read the pattern and learn all kinds of new stitches.


The second pic is also of the TOP SECRET variety.  This is the one of the quilt that I have been working on, in the evenings when I have time.  It is super fun!  I love seeing the progress.  I am up to 2 sets of 3 rows.  I would count this as 6 rows total, but that would be cheating.


This project isn’t TOP SECRET.  This is a super fun project that I need to get done lickity-split.  Halloween is nearly upon us!  I plan to make it this weekend.  This is for my lovely DIL.  She found the skirt online in this fabric but at a ridiculous price.  I said that it would cost 1/6th the amount to make it.  When we first talked about it, I could find the fabric everywhere online.  By the time that I got around to ordering the fabric, I had a hard time finding it anywhere.  After two days of searching, I FOUND IT!  I was soooooo chuffed.  I can’t wait to see this all made up.  I am super excited.

This is an update on this embroidery project that I have been working on for my own enjoyment.  Obviously I am slightly behind… just working on July so far.  The first two pics still have the pattern fabric attached to the block.  I have yet to dissolve that off.  I’m sure that I will get to it soon.

It has finally arrived!  What is it, you ask?  It is my Aunt Becky’s Finger Protector.  A couple of weeks ago, I ordered two.  I have had one in the past, but I haven’t been able to find it since our move last year. I ordered two, so I would have one at home and one at work.  I really had to order them because my fingers were so very sore from working on the Hawai’ian quilting that I had to set it down and stop working on it while my fingertips healed.  Then I was too wimpy to pick it back up before they arrived.  Now that they are here, I expect to have some progress on this project to share with you this next week.