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Yard Update

20171024_170258Things in the yard are going slowly, but they ARE going.  The rock wall is starting to go back up.  The decorative railing in the front yard has come down.  I have plans to repurpose this railing in the lower backyard.  Stay tuned for more info on that later.

Here is the railing enjoying it’s nap.  This next pic shows where the railing had been.

this is the “path” where the stairs were and will be located as the rock wall comes back together
The stair path looking from the side yard up to the front yard.  Also the rock pile that will put back into the reconstruction of the rock wall.
The Clematis vine that I came across as I was cleaning blackberry vines out of the flower bed, in the backyard, on the South side of the detached garage.
This looks like a mess, and it is. But it is also the future home of the hops vines. The current tenant is a lovely smelling rose that will be moving a little further South in the yard.
This is a photo of the Salal plants (center and right), and the Thimble berry plants (along the base of the second rock wall)
Logan berry vine leaning to the left.  When properly supported it will be supported on a hog fence on the right side, along the fence
Pixie is a good photography supervisor… just ask her.  😀
Here are the Huckleberries!  See them tucked in on either side of the Rhododendron?

Hope you enjoyed this update!