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This morning…

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I was half way to work before I realized I hadn’t put on any makeup.  For those who know me, know that I frequently don’t wear makeup.  Usually it is because I wanted more sleep.  But this week I was trying to make an effort, today I failed.

Luckily for my piece of mind, I had some cosmetics in my handbag

For some time I have been a fan of Besame cosmetics,  Luxury Vintage Cosmetics.  My little powder foundation has seen some use for some time.  I am looking forward to the powder foundation being available again… I will prolly purchase 2 backups!  My Snow White compact and lipsticks are my newest acquisitions.  They are wonderful and based on the 1937 Disney film’s colors.  The powder is their ‘Ever After Translucent Pearl Powder’.  The two lipstick colors that I got from the same collection are a red called ‘Snow White Red’ and a wonderful pink called ‘Love’s First Kiss’.

I have the company’s pink called ‘Portrait Pink’, that doesn’t look very nice on me.  But the ‘Love’s First Kiss’ is WONDERFUL!  I love the saturation of the color and the staying power of the lipsticks from this company.  Their makeup brushes are so-very-super-soft as to be to be described.   I can’t recommend this company highly enough!

This coming Fall they will release the Agent Carter Collection… I am definitely looking forward to it.